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    Plugin category: ChatRelated

    Suggested name: ChatController

    What I want: Is something that can control the chat. What I mean with control is something like these:
    CapsDisabled: When a player type too much of caps like 60% of caps out of the sentence, the sentence would not be sent and the player will received this:
    [ChatController] Please stop using caps!
    When a player type a sentence like: "I am selling diamond blocks!" for the first time, and he/she tried to type again (60% of same) :"Selling diamond blocks!" , the sentence will not be sent and the player will received this:
    [ChatController] Please stop spamming!
    This also include with /msg [player] [sentence]

    SwearDisabled: This will not let the player to swear for the word like fuc* or shi* (configurable). If the player types a word of swear, the message will not be sent and he/she will get this:
    [ChatController] Please don't swear!
    CmdSpamDisabled: When a player issues a command like /help , and the player issues the same command again (/help , /help 2 will not be block) the command couldn't run and the player will get this:

    [ChatController] You need some cooldown , issues that command again for another 5 seconds. (Configurable for the time [5 seconds])
    AntiAD: This will stop players from advertise a website or IP address (This also include in /msg).
    Sample Website: or
    Sample IP: or
    If the player tried to send the message or /msg , the message or /msg will not be sent and the player will get this:
    [ChatController] You are not allowed to advertise!
    ChatClearer : If your chat is full, issues /cc clear and it will clear the chat (for all players) and will show a message for everybody:

    [ChatController] Your chat has been cleared!
    If you don't want to clear everybody's chat, just do /cc clear [player's name] to clear the specified player's chat.

    Ideas for commands: /cc clear - Clear the chat.
    /cc clear [playername] - Clear a specified player's chat.
    /cc checkwho - I didn't mention it just now, if someone do something wrong like spam or swear, when the admin issues /cc checkwho, it will lay out these:
    Chat Controller

    1) Player's name : his or her fault : times for doing the fault

    2) Forcelydated : Spam : 3
    3: NoobArePro : Swear : 10
    Something like that.

    /cc clear checkwho - clear the /cc checkwho list to empty.
    /cc reload - reload the plugin
    /cc version - show the version of the plugin
    /cc help - open up the help page

    Ideas for permissions: cc.clear - for /cc clear and /cc clear [player's name]
    cc.checkwho - for /cc checkwho
    cc.clearcheckwho - for /cc clear checkwho
    cc.reload - for /cc reload
    cc.version - for /cc version - for /cc help
    cc.bypass - If you have this permmission, you can spam, swear, advertise etc.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    SpamDisabled: true
    CapsDisabled: true
    SwearDisabled: true
    CmdSpamDisabled: true
    AntiAD: true
    (P/S: This is just a part of Config)

    Extra: Need it for 1.7.2 R0.2
    Almost forget! SpamDisabled , CapsDisabled , SwearDsiabled , AntiAD is also disabled for the color codes!
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    Bump once again!
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    There are plenty of public plugins that do everything you ask. Why do you need them custom?
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    @Signatured , my server have them, but it it not in 1 plugin but separated. This makes my server lag.
    EDIT by Forcelydated: And please @Signatured, tahg me next time or elese I won't know, thanks!
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