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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LordOfPex, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Chat Utilities.

    Suggested name: HCChatColor

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that lets players (with the right permission) to do /chatcolor <ColorCode>, and then their messages in chat will appear in the color they chose, for example if ill type /chatcolor &6 my messages in chat will appear in gold color, until ill disable it with /resetcolor, which will reset the chat color of the player back to the white color.

    I would all activated chat color to be saved in a file, so even if the server will restart/reload, it will save the player's current chat color, until the player will type /resetcolor which will remove their current color data from the file and therefore will turn their chat color back to white.

    I would also like custom messages that I can edit in config if possible (If possible i also would like a variable for the color that is chosen as well, such as %Color% or something like this that i can use in the messages).

    If possible (Its less important part), I would like that when a player type the command /chatcolor with a color code after it, it will ask them in chat 'Are you sure you want <color> as you chat color? Type yes or no' (also configurable) - then if they will type 'yes' in chat, it will change their chat color, and if they will type 'no', it will cancel the changes.

    Ideas for commands:
    /chatcolor <ColorCode> - Change the chat color.
    /resetcolor - Reset the current chat color of a player.
    /chatcolor reload - Reload the config file and colors file ingame.

    Ideas for permissions:
    hcchatcolor.use - Permission for /chatcolor.
    hcchatcolor.reset - Permission for /resetcolor.
    hcchatcolor.reload - Permission for /chatcolor reload.

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible. Thanks in advance!
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    I could make it. The only thing is that there is already lots of plugins like this.
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    There are a few yes, but they are not really customizable or dont have some of the features I need. I tried them and they wasn't good enough for my needs.

    If you can make this it will be much appreciated! :)
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    @LordOfPex Alright, I'll try. It might come a bit late since I have quite a bit of work to do from school and I have my own personal plugin I'm working on. Is that ok?

    And instead of the color code, they could do /chatcolor (e.g. red for &c, white for &f)

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    Thats the point, I need it to be &color and not the actual color name for some reasons.
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    Alright then,

    Edit: I am bad at making config files. Anyone want to help with that?
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    I Al Istannen

    @FoxIshDaBest If you say what doesn't work, we may be able to :). But this might help you enough.
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    @FoxIshDaBest I know the Config API very well. If you would like, I can do this plugin
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    I made a plugin some time ago that does this with a gui and has a permission node for every color. is this what you were looking for?

    Edit: this doesn't have a reset color option but if you choose to use my plugin, i will definitely be able to add that feature in for you.
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    Your plugin is nice but its not what I need :p
    Thanks anyway!
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    Alright :) if nobody is able to finish this for some odd reason just tahg me or something and I'll be happy to do it for you.
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    Ok. Fuck it. I'll do it since everyone says they'll finish it but it takes them 5 days
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    Lol i forgot about this thread.
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    Hey since nobody really seems to be doing this I decided to give it a shot. You can download it from here for now. Later I will make it available through bukkit.

    <Edit by mrCookieSlime: Removed download Link. Mediafire is not allowed; Use Dropbox instead.>

    PS: I have done some testing so hopefully everything should work. I have tested the permissions only a little bit, but they seem to work for me. Let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions.
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    The plugins works like a charm!

    One thing though: Can you add the option to change the /chatcolor usage message ('Correct usage: /chatcolor <ColorCode/reload>' message) in config and the invalid color code message as well?
    And also, when a player enters an invalid color code, it sends the player the invalid color code message + the usage message. Can you make it so it will only send the invalid color message without the usage message?

    For example, if i enter /chatcolor 6 instead of &6, it will send me:
    'Invalid color code'
    'Correct usage: /chatcolor <ColorCode/reload>'

    While i want it to only send:
    'Invalid color code.'

    Also can you disable the option to use &o, &m, &n, &l, &r in the command? or add permissions for it? I dont want players to be able to use these format codes :p

    and also a variable for the color input? aka if player wants to change the chat color to &6, it will be like '&aAre you sure you want %color%this color &aas your color?' (so for the player it will be like ''&aAre you sure you want &6this color &aas your color?''
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    Hey, I have updated the config for you. I will have to get around to completing the rest of your request tomorrow, sorry its pretty late here :p. Here is the updated version with some new config elements that you requested:

    Hey, I have updated the config for you. I will have to get around to completing the rest of your request tomorrow, sorry its pretty late here :p. Here is the bukkit page
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    It works great now except for the &n, &l, &m, &o problem, but its okay take your time.

    Thanks again, so much! Its much appreciated! :)
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    I made all of this and then some for a server I was working on at the time. There's a link :)
    To be clear, some of the things that I did, were make it revolve around a gui, make it so that you can change other peoples coulours, etc. Hope this works for you!
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    Hey I have updated the plugin so it only works with colors. So I removed the option to use the formatting color codes you mentioned above. I also got rid of the &k variable which makes your text obfuscated. For the %color% variable thing I have also added that but instead of using %color% you have to use %inherit% which will inherit the color code that the person wanted to change to.

    You can get it from this bukkit page Also if you click the Pages tab there is a config page I created which shows you how to fully use the config.

    PS: The %inherit% tag only works for the 'ask message' and 'chatcolor message' in the config.
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    The plugin works like a charm! Thank you so much for the plugin, it is much appreciated! :)

    *Marked as filled*
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    No problem :)
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    @LordOfPex I just started the plugin. I had to learn a bit of config and how to convert a color to a message. Seems like you already got the person to do it?

    Edit: I might actually use the code I already made for my other plugin, if you don't need it.
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