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    Plugin category: CHAT

    Suggested name: Chatspy

    A bit about me: I'm a moderator on the server

    What I want: I would like a plugin that allows moderators to spy on people. type a simple command and all your chat will only show what the selected player sees.
    for example: I type /chatspy Miner, and I see everything that goes into Miner's chat.
    also (but not as important) a command /chatfilter that will toggle my own chat, so when it is on, I will see only Miner's chat, and not my own

    Ideas for commands:
    /chatspy <player> - you see all chat messeges <player> sees
    /chatspy - disables chatspy
    /chatfilter - turns off your chat so you only see the chat of <player>

    Ideas for permissions: (because some plugins may use chat.* to allow players to talk)
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    That would be pretty awesome indeed.
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    That would be: Socialspy.
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    Socialspy is only private messeges, I mean the whole chat, local chat, faction chat, even death messeges
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    Great idea.

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    I have just coded this into CommandsEX, but without the option to turn this on/off or spy on a single player via command. I'll add that today and this functionality should be ready with the next CommandsEX release ;-)
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    essentials /socialspy and factions /f chatspy. done.
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