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  1. SwearJar

    SwearJar is a simple anti-swear plugin with a difference.Instead of simply blocking user from swearing, SwearJar uses a traditional approach and makes you pay a configured amount for saying a swear word. When a user swears they are informed about it and the money taked from there account or if they cant afford to pay, they will not be able to say the sentence with the swear in it.They will be informed of this too.


    • Lightweight .
    • Depends upon Vault.
    • Makes player pay to swear.
    • Simple config
    • Custom swear words.
    • Add as many swear words as you want.
    • Easy commands to view,add and remove from the swearlist.
    • Discourages swearing the proper way.
    • Command checking

    • /sj add [String] - adds the word to the swear list.
    • /sj remove [String] - removes the word from the swear list.
    • /sj exempt [String] - adds a word to the exemption list.
    • /sj rexempt [String] - removes a word from the exemption list.
    • /sj list - shows the swear list.
    • /sj elist - shows the exception list.
    • /sj - shows SwearJar help.

    Example usage

    • /sj add swearword - adds "swearword" to the swear list.
    • /sj remove swearword - removes "swearword" from the swear list

    description: Allows you to use the swearjar admin commands
    default: op
    description: Allows you to bypass the swear checker
    default: false


    • Configurable message
    • Any thing you can think of
    Now open source
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    Lol reminds me of SwearWord

    Very good idea of a plugin.
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    Works Perfectly very very well done!

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