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    I suspect that, because this is such a small simple little thing, and yet nobody has (as far as I can tell) implemented it, it's probably because the code for it is buried "too deep" inside minecraft for a plugin to be able to change it. But it can't hurt to ask so here goes:

    Plugin category: chat

    Suggested name: LongChat

    What I want: Longer max length of chat messages. The max character length of chat messages can be really debilitating to some applied uses of the chat. While I can sort of reluctantly understand wanting to force it to be short for chatting, it can be a bit crippling that the same max limit applies to making "/" commands since they run through the same chat interface. For example, there's lots of mail plugins that only allow you to write very short mail messages because of this.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, it would just affect how other commands can be typed in.

    Ideas for permissions:
    longchat.allowLongMsg : True if messages to other players can be longer than default max
    longchat.allowLongCmd : True if messages using the "/" prefix for commands can be longer than default max

    (Therefore you can set it up so the extra length is only allowed for commands and not for chatting if you'd like.)

    Ideas for config.yml:
    maxchars: NNN
    # where NNN is just some integer for the new max length.

    Ideally, if it does require a client-side mod to work, which hopefully it wouldn't but given the nature of it I think it might, it would be nice if it was done in a backward compatible way so that it doesn't crash vanilla clients that aren't written for the change.

    Probably the chat length has a maximum in the actual client/server protocol so changing it might not be doable. But hey, it can't hurt to ask.
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    I believe this limitation is client side, therefore it isn't possible. But I think almost everyone would like this feature, especially if it can be per-server.
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    Why not just detect if the message is over the limit, and create a new message with the overflow text after the first message?
  4. This sounds more interesting after the last comment. No one with experience have idea's for this?
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    The client stops writing after a certain number
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    Due to the reasons stated above, we can note the fact it would require client modification to allow writing after the set length. Therefore, locked.
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