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    MCCowsay - ASCII cows for Minecraft
    Version: 1.8

    MCCowsay brings the ASCII cows to a Minecraft chat near you.

    • ASCII cows. List:
      • head-in
      • moofasa
      • moose
      • elephant
      • udder
      • tux
      • tiny
      • [default]
    • Ability to add your own ASCII art.
    • Toggle the appearance of a cowsay message on the death of a cow.
    • Have a cowsay command cooldown time.
    • Display the names of each cow in-game.
    How to use:
    An awesome video by Seaborgium:
    Video (open)

    • To display an ASCII cow:
      • /cowsay ['h'] [type] <message>
    ['h'] is where you type a 'h' to indicate you don't want your name to be displayed.​
    [type] is the name of the cow (e.g. head-in), leave blank for the default cow.​
    <message> is what you want the cow to say.​
    e.g. /cowsay moofasa Fear me​
    < PlayerName: Fear me >
          \    ____
            \  /    \
              | ^__^ |
              | (oo) |______
              | (__) |      )\/\
              \____/|----w |
                    ||    ||
    • To toggle the cow death message:
      • /cowkillsay
    • To set/unset the cooldown for using the '/cowsay' command:
      • /cowsaycooldown <time_in_sec>
    • To display the names of all the cows:
      • /cowsaycows
    In regards to the cooldown feature, the default time is 15 seconds (useful for preventing spam). To remove the cooldown timer just set the time to 0 seconds (i.e. /cowsaycooldown 0).

    Sample config.yml file
    cooldown: 0
    killsay: true
    can_all_cow: true
    cooldown: The default cooldown time (in seconds) for the /cowsay command
    killsay: If 'true', the cowkillsay event gets triggered by default
    can_all_cow: If 'true' anyone can use /cowsay, if 'false' only op's can use /cowsay

    View BukkitDev page here.
    View my site here.
    Download the plugin from here.
    For those curious, the sauce code is available here (keep refrigerated after opening).

    Enjoy my mods? Donate! Dislike my mods? Donate (and then give feedback)! Powers of two are cool (e.g. $1.28, $2.56, etc.).

    Future features:
    • Suggestions?
    Version 1.8:
    • Added a command to display the names of all the cows in-game.
    • Updated to use the new Bukkit event handling system.
    Past versions (open)
    Version 1.7:
    • Added config.yml support.
    Version 1.6:
    • Added cooldown feature for the cowsay command.
    Version 1.5:
    • Added "cowkillsay" feature.
    Version 1.4:
    • Added "tiny" and "tux" cows.
    Version 1.3.1:
    • Bugfix.
    Version 1.3:
    • Added option to hide users name in the message.
    • Fixed up moofasa a bit.
    • Easter egg added!
    Version 1.2:
    • Added the ability to have user customisable ASCII art from an external file.
    • Added a new cow.
    Version 1.1:
    • Added the players name into the text message.
    Version 1.0:
    • Released into the wild.

    NOTE: No cows were harmed in the making of this plugin. However, a few pixels did get irritated.
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    YES! I loved annoying people with this on IRC. And always thought it was pretty neat. Thanks!

    EDIT: Would it actually be possible to add these in text file. Also does it support many lines?
    EDIT2: Works nicely, except elephant is too big, text is not showing.
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    Unfortunately without removing the legs of the poor elephant, you need to enter the chat again to see the entire thing.

    In regards to your first edit:
    The only tricky bit about writing this mod is that the characters which Minecraft uses in its chat is not monospaced i.e. the width of each character is not the same. Whereas IRC and the console uses a font that is monospaced which would make it easy to copy/paste the cows into a program. So while it would be possible to add cows from an external file and read them, you would need to spend some time adding/removing characters then checking until it resembles the original. You can have as many lines as you wish for the message.

    tl;dr: Nice idea, but the in-game font be trippin' and multiple lines are supported

    I am willing to add that customisability anyway if it pleases you guys. Added

    Functionality added!

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    Please put a download link directly to the jar file.
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    lol, love it, and so customizable! My peeps are gonna go crazy with this
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    I'm glad you enjoy it!
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    Best. Plugin. Ever.
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    thank you mr obvious :p
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    sudo apt-get moo
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    Part of my inspiration
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    (can only be repeated :D)

    (am still using 1.0, as I dont like the playername to be shown. Maybe you can add that as option? /cowsay name type message or /cowsay type message, on the first it'll show your name on the second it wont)
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    I understand some of this might require some work to see what they are.


    This one is for me:
    █▀█ █▀█ █▀ █▄▀
    █▀▄ █▄█ █▄ █▀▄

    The master plan is of course to allow the user to edit in their own
    "cowsay" text images. If you are planning on pushing the plugin any further
    I would also suggest adding permissions, because although this is very fun to
    use, it gets annoying when someone spam it.

    I think you did a great job introducing this, I hope to see you continue it.
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    Good idea, I will put it in the next version!

    The spamming was an issue I did think of originally, but I couldn't think of a way to limit it while still allowing everyone to use it. I think I might have two versions, one with the permissions and one without for those with private servers.
    Does anyone have other suggestions on how to circumvent spammage?

    Thanks for the support. I also checked out your link and found pedobear. My elation dipped quickly after realising that it might be a smidgen too big for the chat.

    Your qualm should now be gone in the just released v1.3.
    By default, the users name is displayed. But to hide it, you simply need to add a 'h' before the cow name.
    e.g. /cowsay h head-in test
    Which will display the 'head-in' cow saying "test" without your name.

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    Added a replica MCCowsay which only allows OPs to use the command.
    A suitable message is sent to the user if they are not an OP *grins*
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    Bugfix! Wooo!
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    You should add tux like the default cowsay program has
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    Tux is added along with another cow to make the version number change seem more justified

    Also, has anyone found the Easter Egg yet?
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    You should be able to tame cows, that would be sweet!:D
    (theres no cow icon :()
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    Version 1.5 is now live. Mwhahahaha!
    Thanks to your suggestion, I have come up with a unrelated feature! A cowsay message which pops up when a player kills a cow. The messages can be disabled/enabled by typing /cowkillsay

    I've also now released the source code for those curious enough.
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    add config, with customiable messages so people would made their own ASCII stuff :D
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    Since v1.2 you have been able to add your own ASCII art. Or are you trying to request something else?
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    oh sorry i had outdated version ;D
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    Best plugin evar! I just wish it was easier making your own art.... the characters in Minecraft are oddly sized...
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    That is a problem with non-monospaced fonts, you can't easily make ASCII art with it. I vaguely remember deciding not to add certain characters because it would be monstrously time consuming or looked terrible.
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    How did you make you art... any specific technique? Seems terribly hard to make new ones....
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    It was a method of lots of trial and error and time.

    First I placed the original ASCII image in the file. Had a look at how it appeared ingame. Then I added/removed spaces or other bits and checked it again ingame. This editing and checking continued until it looked acceptable.

    The formula went something like this:
    int adding_ascii_art(){
       while(sanity > 0){
          if(check_ascii_art_ingame() == "looks good"){
             return SUCCESS;
       return FAILURE;
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    That's a cow? :D It looks like a pig.
    I have and idea to limit the spamming. Use a cooldown timer so players have to wait X seconds/ticks before they can use it again and have it toggle in config (whether server admins want anti-spam on or off).
    Maybe give the user a message:
    "Anti-Spam protection is on. Please wait X seconds before using MCcowsay again"
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    Actually, they are all rabbits pretending to be zebras in disguise.
    That is a good idea and I think I may have a decent enough way of implementing that. Any preference for a base cooldown time?
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    30 seconds sounds decent. Maybe have the time a option in config to where admin can decide whether they want to wait 5 minutes before using again or 10 seconds. I guess we all have a different level of tolerance for spamming so a set time might not be liked by everyone.

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