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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Valrix, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Well I have it on my server before 1.8 hit and it worked fine. Color stayed after I logged off, server went down, and server crash.
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    I'm currently using nChat and PermissionsEx and I can't for the life of me get colorme to work...

    nChat uses the suffix from PermissionsEx to determine a part before a person's name, so would it be possible for you to modify your plugin to do something like "pex user <user> suffix [newsuffix]" where newsuffix would be one of the color codes? It would help me so much.
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    This works very well on my RB 1185 server. The thread title should be updated to reflect the support of this version.
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    Thanks for checking it out for me, I'll update the title.
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    Will not work for me but i have essentials if that does anything to this
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    Just getting into craftbukkit plugins, this was my first download/attempt.

    Works perfectly on the first server restart, such an easy way to establish visual organization on the server. Thanks for the work on this.

    This entire community of developers is amazing and greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks! :)
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    [diamond] I LUV THIS PLUGIN [diamond]

    but only one thing
    alle colored on my server are white or red but the players.color are they yellow and blue i cannot understand this

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    I'm having problems getting it to work with OKChat... I changed OKChat's config to use %displayname% and the color of the name still doesn't change.
  10. For some reason Color Me isn't working.... I color someone doing /color <playername> color and my player says his name won't change color even if I oped him. I tried to color someone in console and ingame it won't work! I tried to color my own name and it won't work. I even tried in the config file... please fix this or help me.. I also checked my console for problems and it has no incompatibilities with my plugins.. I have no chat plugin besides this.If this works here...[diamond][diamond][diamondblock][diamondblock]
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    Error: I give myself a color (This worked on older versions) and rejoins but then i dont have colour anymore :(

    Problem = ? = fix = help = :D?
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    Could you set this up to color groups in permissions? Great plugin BTW
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    Hmm, well, that could be possible...but I'd have to poke around with it a bit. And I don't actually have any of my plugins use the Permissions plugin. I support native permissions which is commonly done with PermissionsBukkit.

    I've been seeing that problem crop up a lot, and to be honest I don't know why. Probably has to do with another plugin messing with it or something and I don't have time to go searching around, heck I barely have time to do updates at all anymore. Real life kinda sucks...
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    I tryed without any other plugs and still would not work. Its something with it (And to the thing with irl life) Too bad =(
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    I'll check on it sometime today I hope.
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    @Valrix At RB 1317. I use /color green for example and the chat says my color is set to green, but nothing happens. I tried to make it with Admin account, OP account, and non-op/admin but with permission. My plugins:

    17:55:45 [INFO] Plugins: AntiCreeper, AutoMessage, AutoSave, BuyCraft, ColorMe,
    CommandBook, CommandSigns, CraftIRC, DirectBankX, Essentials, FalseBookCart, Fal
    seBookCore, HeroicDeath, HeroSpawn, iConomy, Minecart Permanence, Minequery, NoS
    peedKick, PermissionsEx, PlgSetspawn, PvPReward, Residence, ResidenceSigns, Sign
    Link, Spout, Turnstile, Vault, WorldEdit, AuthDB, ChatManager, ecoCreature, Ches
    tShop, Citizens, dynmap, VanishNoPacket, HawkEye, LWC, Register, Reporter, Train
     Carts, WorldBorder
    My players.color its like this:
    The users I added colors are there, but ingame they have not any color.
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    Ok thank you.
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    Yeah, there's something going wrong in the code and yesterday I spent a couple hours working on changes to clean up a lot of the code and make things less complicated. I'm also reverting the process to go off every time someone chats instead of on login, since it was working better that way when I originally made the plugin. I'll probably spend a good part of today working on this and hopefully get it migrated to BukkitDev as well as having a better version out.
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    @Valrix OK :), Ill keep watching this thread till the plugin gets updated. It would be cool for my server ^^, good luck and good plugin too :D
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    Ok, thanks for the support :)

    As a quick update, I've already worked out a few things, but I'm still reworking it and making improvements that should help me reduce the code a lot. I think I'm also going to change how colors are stored, but I'll need to look things over a bit after I've fixed everything.
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    Does this work together with prefixer? Sorry if this questioned has already been mentioned.
    Also. Does this work along with iChat?
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    Yep, I made it specifically compatible with Prefixer. I do my best to be sure all my plugins can work in harmony.

    Yes, it also works with iChat, please see the "FAQ" in the first post. That explains what to do in order for it to work with iChat.

    Also, it's best to wait until I update this so it will work properly. I'm hoping to finish within a few hours.
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    Please add more permissions support.. Im using Permissions 2.7.4 (workd with 99.9% plugins) and Built-in permissions.. No one of them is working with ColorMe.
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    If there's a plugin that unites permission plugins like Register does for economy plugins, then I'll do that. If not, then I'll supply a PermissionsBukkit config.yml for people to use as a template.
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    I restarted the server and now permissions are working.. I don't know why this plugin didn't work when i loaded it with Minecraft mobile admin.. Usually every plugin works.

    Everything works, plugin is perfect. Thanks!
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    Awesome, thanks for the support :)
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    on my server the player names are automatically colored (red).... probley to do with essentials? but when i do: /colorme <name> <colour> it doesnt colour my name it just stays (red) as it usually is?
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    I'd say it has to do with essentials, and I can't really tell anything for sure. I'd say just wait for the update and hopefully that'll fix most of the problems people are having.
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    Is this only for admins/op?
    Would suck if ''normal'' players could change their color, and will this color stay there forever, until admin/op change it? Or will it reset to the normal white color when the player logs out?
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    There are permissions in place so normal players can't just run around doing whatever they want, and the color stays pretty much forever. It won't leave if the player logs out.

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