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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MadBluey, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Hey there.

    I am trying to configure townychat, but still there is a problem with global and localchat.

    Global can be heard anywhere, no matter what channel you are in, be it local, admin , mod etc, you can still hear it.

    But i don't want other players to see globalchat, when they aren't in the channel.

    To but it simple, I want to make it so globalchatters only hear globalchat , localchatters can only hear local and so on.

    If it isn't possible with townychat , are there other chat plugins that make channels.

    (Herochat - under moderation, SCC - buggy)
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    I believe its called global chat so the whole server as a global server can see it, if you wish to stop people from hearing the chats use local chat or different chat rooms.
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    If you are in localchat - you can hear GlobalChat.
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    I havnt used townychat personally but Im guessing there is an option for it if not, then you are meant to hear players that speak in globalchat :)
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    I am not OP, i do not have the option TownySpy on ,+ i tried with 4 other people, they were in 4 different worlds.
    And i haven't found a option.

    One spoke in globalchat and three others were in localchat, somehow the dude who spoke in globalchat was heard by everyone, even by those who were in local.

    Can you offer any chat plugins I should try.

    Have tried : SCC, TownyChat, mChat.
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