Inactive [CHAT] ChannelChat v0.6 beta - Dynamic, LightWeight, Simple Chat Channels [1.1-R1]

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    ChannelChat v0.6 beta
    Dynamic, Light Weight, Simple Chat Channels​

    Look at the ProjectPage.

    Tag Examples (open)
    Base format: <name> message
    Channel will be "Global" to keep it simple

    no tag: [Global] <name> message

    tag '[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag 'g': g <name> message

    Using Colors:

    tag '`1g': g <name> message

    tag '`1[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag '[`1g`f]': [g] <name> message

    Using Factions:
    no tag: [faction Global] <name> message

    tag '[g][{FACTION}]': [g][faction tag here] <name> message

    "Secret" World Tag:
    tag: '{world}': [WorldNameHere] <name> message
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    I saw it working on massivecraft though, assuming they are using beta.

    Or do you know what plugin they use for things in chat like g: and f:?

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    Massivecraft uses HeroChat. o.o (They make it)

    I will make an updated version for factions 1.6.1. In fact. I'll upload it once it devBukkit get's fixed.. :confused:
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    It says in their plugins that they use channelchat, not herochat, I think you have them mixed up with Herocraft.
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    Dynamp has chat? Ugh. I'll add it to my todo list. It's not going to be top priority though.
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    You can disable the chat in Dynmap. That fixes the problem entirely, unless you need to broadcast the chat.
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    Welll then.... I guess I did. Coulda sworn.. but what ever. :p They probably don't use the new factions.
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    Yes I know that, but its used quite often. So disabling it isn't really an option.
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    v0.4.5 beta [download]
    • Updated to Factions 1.6
    • Will not work with factions below 1.6

    Next version will:
    • Get rid of built in ChannelChat faction support completely, to fix this:
      • Set faction chat to "off"
      • Use FactionChannel (will be updated soon)

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    Thanks so much!
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    when I try to make a group (admins) it says "channel blacklisted" and I made a different one, (administrators) but when I did /cc reload, it didn't show up in the list, and said "You are already in this group."
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    They do not list by default. You have to edit the channel settings in the channels.yml.
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    Sweet, a new update to try this weekend.
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    So, I make then in channels.yml, or make them ingame and then enable them to list?
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    I'm not sure if you can make them ingame. I think all channels made ingame will be destroyed on shutdown. Make them in channels.yml to be sure.
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    Ok, I will try that, and post results.
    Edit: It works, and I am frikkin excited to use this all the time. :D:D
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    I am trying you chat plugin out on my test server and can not get the chat tag to work. the plugins that i am using are PermissionsEx, Chatter and ChannelChat. Also it it possible to get different groups to default to different chat channels, This would be really helpful so that members of a server do not have to listen to the chat from guests if they do not want to. Have the guests default to guest chat and members default to global chat
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    Chatter does not work with ChannelChat. You will have to talk to him about adding better support for it. It will also not work if you use word wrap (ever, no way to fix that).

    I don't even know where he gets the notion that it was a fork from iChat, iChat is a far superior code.

    Also, I will never support groups. In any way, in any fashion. From now on, I will simply ignore the requests.
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    Lex Talionis

    First of all, thanks for the work you've done so far on this plugin. I really appreciate the light weight, self contained plugins because getting a bunch of extra, unrelated mess with a download is always annoying.

    Secondly, I definitely support the motion to color the full line of text written in a channel. It's actually a visual queue that makes reading less stressful on the eyes because they can follow the color to keep up with a discussion going on in a single channel instead of searching through a sea of white to find the words they need. The written channel tags at the beginning won't even be necessary for some small servers, and will only be used on mine to easily inform new players of the name of the channel for /cc commands.

    Whatever you decide to do with channel coloring, I would still like to be able to color player names (again for visual queue) separately. I understand and agree with your stance on only dealing with the channels, so I'm not requesting you provide support for coloring names. I only mention this because I believe a few pages back you said that if you made the player name the same color as the channel text and tags, it wouldn't be colorable by another mod, so... Please don't color player names. :3

    I would also like to see some kind of support for default channels. I'm pretty sure this does not have to be done by groups, but I don't do Java so... maybe I'm wrong.
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    kk, will look at using a different chat mod in replacement of channel chat. Would be nice to have group support but still love your channel mod even w/o it.

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    Thank you, it's very appreciated. In fact, that idea was the base of me splitting everything into modules.

    Wont be coloring names. I will be adding a module for channel coloring though.... If you could give me some input on how you'd color channels, please do so.

    If you have any input on this matter, I'd like to hear it. I can interpret almost any idea into something feasible... usually. ;)

    On an unrelated note... I have 12 new modules I'm currently planning on making. This will probably grow as people give me more ideas. Keep them coming, and you'll keep getting the modules. Depending on the complexity, it may require more work than others, and I also have other plugins to work on... So don't expect too much from me. I'll release them as I can. ;)

    I have to pick at this,
    Does this mean you're going to look for a new channel plugin? I'm sorry to hear that.

    EDIT: By the way, the problems you're getting will not be fixed by switching to a new plugin.

    EDIT2: if you aren't using "word wrap" you can add
    softdepend: [Chatter]
    in the plugin.yml for ChannelChat

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    no no, im looking at using your plugin in tandem with okchat. Yours is by far the best channel plug in i have found so far

    For the default channels i personally think that permissions and permission groups would be the best way to go. With this when a member logs onto a server they would be in a " Guest " chat channel. This would allow larger servers with many guests online to have the chat a little more separated so that the regular members do not have to watch the guest chat if they choose not to.

    This would also allow for a more versatile staff / mod channels in allowing them to auto connect to them and not have to log into the channel each time that they log onto the server.

    A plugin that i have tried in the past was hero chat although it does not allow the creation of separate default channels the way that they handle the group authentication for channels works quite well.

    I understand if you do not want to add in permissions and group's into the plug in as you are trying to make it a lightweight plugin but something like this could probably well as a module.


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    Lex Talionis

    Of course. I only wish more plugin authors would take this approach.
    Nice. As for my personal preference, having the channel text appear in the same color as the channel tag would be perfectly fine with me. Like:

    [World] <Lex> His axe is on fiar! He killed your parents! Shoot him in the head!

    While I guess some people might prefer to color their channel text differently than the tag, I can't really see the point myself. That would just make it confusing.
    As for the default channels, is there any way you could just set up permissions for the channels.yml? Players could then auto join only the channels they had permission for and couldn't join the rest. It would eliminate the need for passwords in the channels.yml, you would only need them for channels created on the fly. I don't know if I explained that very well and I have no idea if it's possible, but it's a thought.
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    You'd be able to do this with the module I'm planning to make.

    Personally I'd rather not do that (It'd add another thing people may not use) and to be honest, the passwords should be made into a module... But I'll leave that for a later version of ChannelChat.
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    Lex Talionis

    Awesome sauce. Can't wait for it.

    Perhaps as a different module some day then. When you end up splitting passwords out into its own mod, default channels could be an alternative module.

    Anyway, I'm going to try to keep an eye on this thread. Thanks for the quick responses and keep up the good work. b(^_-)z
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    ugh... colors? An explanation?
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    Please read. First post. "Tag Examples"
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    Bradley Hilton

    Quick question and if it's stupid you can say so, but can the "auto_join: true" be applied to more than one channel right now? If so, how do we know which channel is the "set" one to talk in. But if not I'd love to suggest this and then in the config file have something like "set_default: true" or something to that affect..
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    You can apply it to more than one channel, yes. The default channel is the first channel you auto-join. I'm going to add a few things that will tell you what channel you are in when you login, probably.
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    Bradley Hilton

    Okay thanks that makes sense, thanks!
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    Hope to continue hearing from you, and get your input. ^^

    That's an interesting way of handling it.. On another note, you could actually make a module right now that adds people to specific channels based on permissions. I just refuse to make it myself...

    I'm actually making a staff channel at the moment.

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