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    Plugin category: RPG, Admin Tool

    Suggested name: Characters

    What I want:
    The Short Explanation: a permissions-style plugin that made characters like groups.

    The Long Explanation: Each player would have a list of characters they create via commands, and all permissions and settings where set to these 'characters' and not the player (/account). This way if a player has three characters on a server and one is part of Faction A the second is part of Faction B and the last is the Admin character they can switch to the character they want to play at that moment.

    The character list and the total number of characters a player can create would be listed under the player's (account) name, while everything else is listed under the character. I hope this can be hooked into Vault so that it can be easily used with other plugins.

    By everything else I mean it would need to keep each character's inventory (enderchest included hopefully), experience, and permissions separated. I don't know if it would be possible to overwrite things like player owned lots from plugins like Worldguard or Residents.

    Possible upgrades/options would be character's skins (via Spout)?

    Ideas for commands:
    /character create <name> - This is the command that lets a player create a new character/persona.
    /character switch <name> - Changes the player's current character/persona to the named one.
    /character delete <name> - Deletes character/persona and everything associated with it.
    /character list [<player>] - Lists all of the player's characters/personae if one named (with a permission) otherwise list all of the characters/personae of the player that executed the command.
    /character limit <player> - An admin command that would set the total number of characters/personae a player could have.

    Ideas for permissions:
    characters.list_all - Allows a player to look at the list of others' characters/personae

    When I'd like it by: I'm in no hurry, but hopefully it wouldn't take more than a couple months to make?
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    You should bump this if it's no one answers?
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