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    Plugin category: Chat

    Suggested name: LeaveReason

    What I want: I thought it would be nice to let all players see why a player left from your server. (not just in the console)
    Nothing to complicated, basically:
    Someone leaves: 'player' left the game.
    Someone times out: 'player' lost connection.
    Someone is banned: 'player' was banned.
    Someone leaves from death screen: 'player' rage quit. =P

    Ideas for commands: This would all be simpler in a config file.

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: No rush.

    (Edited to the example format)

    I just tested it, I purposely lost connection to my server and this was in the console:

    [Disconnect] User Thomassaurus has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception:

    It shows the reason in the console so I'm guessing this plugin is possible. I'm a bit surprised this hasn't been done before :p

    Edit: I also just tested the console when a player exits via clicking the X button:

    [Disconnect] User Thomassaurus has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: Connection reset by peer

    It's similar but it seems different types of logging out can be distinguished.

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    Provided N3rdFall isn't going to do this, I will do it.
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    So I am a bit curies if should I expect this plugin sometime in the future. If not that's fine and I might consider making a plugin enquiry on your site.
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    By all means create an enquiry on my site. I have not a lot to do so I can take a look :p

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