Challenges and Objectives

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    This would be a very cool plugin for Minecraft. My request is pretty much based on this post:

    Objectives and challenges with some sort of reward. They could be sign-based, or console-based, and would probably have to be set by ops. It could integrate iConomy support, or just item rewards. These are some rough ideas, and I'd love for people to elaborate on this.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there
    This is very interesting!
    With iConomy support and Permissions Support !
    Rewards from killing stuff, rewards from breaking blocks, rewards by killing people in pvp areas!
    Great idea !
    Thank you for that I will remember your name
    I might develop it :D
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    No problem, dude, but don't forget the guy on Reddit who originally came up with this idea!

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