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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Challenger

    What I want: What I would like is a plugin in which some one can do a custom challenge. To be able to challenge a player with certain wagers and to have them teleported to set coords or warp. And so that they will have a configurable item set for them both to have in the challenge arena. Then when over its announced who won and they teleport back to where they started with the items they had before hand.

    The command /cg {name} to challenge a player. /cg forfeit to leave the arena yet still broadcast that they lost.

    Preferably able to have these things configurable.
    - What Armor They Will Have On And Items In Inv When Teleported.
    - What the win/loss message will be.

    Ideas for commands: /cg {NAME}, /cg forfeit

    Ideas for permissions: challenger.start

    When I'd like it by: As long as it would take as it is a slightly large request.
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    VexyTal I'll do this.

    VexyTal Is it ok if the name is PlayerChallenger? It just makes a little more sense.

    Done. I'll post link in edit.

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    Thanks :D
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    @Vexytal It is still in development, so it isnt done, but here is the link
    Link: Will be here soon!

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