CCTV? Security cameras?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by chardo440, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Is there anyway to do something similiar to the CCTV mod? Because if I could have that mod on my server I would be one happy man.
  2. um me to i whuld love one pliz help us ty
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    this is going to be amazing. Maybe a news broadcast in minecraft! Or tv!
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    I think I understand the concept of how it could work, but it would be very heavy, and well out of reach at my current level of java knowledge. TimeLapse has what you need for the blocks, it would only need to add player movement recording to make it work(ish), if I am thinking about this correctly.
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    Its impossible without client side modding (which isn't allowed in "official" (eg in the list) plugins). How about a block that changes to the block in the direction that player was standing in when he placed it like a mirror.
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    Not impossible, impractical. It can sort of be done by recording player positions every couple of ticks, as well as block changes. Make some NPCs that follow a players position, and it can be recorded into a database-like file that can be played back to a client. But those files could become large, fast.
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  7. This just gave me a great idea, it could be done but it would be complicated. I love a challenge :D
    I might take up this idea after I finish my current 'Challenge'
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    Possible, you can send videos via maps.
    sk89q's Youtube Player:
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    That's everyone's reaction lol.
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    A simpler idea could fairly easily be implemented using packets. You could type a command (ex: /cctv 1) to go to a specific preset camera location. The plugin would then teleport the player there and send the entity destroy packet (20, I believe) to make them invisible, disable movement and viola! You can then type another command to return from whence you came. That's a very simplified idea, and the actual plugin would have to do more than this. Just throwing this out there.
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    Watching a video of a guy on minecraft watching a video of a guy on minecraft watching a video on minecraft of nyan cat.

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    Speechless.... IS IT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC? :D
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    No way... I must be dreaming.... :eek:
    Forget CCTV, figure out how to put a map on a wall and I'm watching a movie in Minecraft. :D (ehhh, well, if the frame rate lets me...)
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    Damn, Wakko beat me to it, I was gonna link that XD . But ya sk89q is making an API for it and its all server side (and BTW one of the first requests was security cameras XD)

    @Activat0r its theorized that because of the way Notch programed the map he is going to use it for other things in the future so there is some support for custom paintings being in a future update :)
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    This game is just getting better and better... :p Is there a link that I can keep an eye on the status of that map API?
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    The map API is in CraftBukkit as of build 1030. However, from what I understand creating videos is not feasible, it uses too much bandwidth.
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    Holy crap it got implemented?! wow I do know that heroes is using it to keep track of player health and sk89q was streaming video but idk the impact on the server, I'm guessing that you should only ever have a maximum of one video playing at a time :)
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    ONE QUESTION: IS sk89q's map thing availible to the public!? I NEED THAT
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    tha d0ctor

    the only way I know of to do a CCTV would be to make a account and leave a minecraft window streaming that is logged into your server 24/7
  21. Well, another way would be what dynmap/bananaMapRenderer/V10phone/... do: Render the world for yourself. But this is a very hard task...
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    Why cant it be like as if it was an npc head and the view is displayed on a screen like how you see thru the players eyes just on a screen
  23. Couldn't the videos be configured to be shown from youtube instead? That way there's not as much impact on the actual server.
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    Holy Shit !?!?!?!?! I knew sk89q was a BOSS but thats Godlike, using maps you probably could do somthing like that weird map from "harry potter" and just have one for each area.
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    its very possible
    here is a way:
    u can define a block and choose a direction and then make it be shown on a specific number of a map in a specific area that is this area with the specific map the place will be shown
    its possible without changing something in the client
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    The Kaevator CCTV Video camera screen mod. enables you to have a video camera on every part of your Minecraft House! ISn’t that cool? You can now watch each and every happening in your animal farm, mob farm, or plants farm! Sometimes there may be creeper or any misplaced mobs around so you can go there and get things right.

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    Uhhmm ... You do know that the mod can't be used on a server right?
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    I thought he was a bot... Look at the link he posted for CCTV...
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