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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by biel, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Hi, when I try ro reset the password writing and checking my e-mail, the following message appears: initiateResetPassword Web Service method name is not valid. Does it happen to anyone? Is the feature broken? If it is, can I contact an admin and request him a passoword reset?

    Thanks in advance
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    Well, please i need to enter my account to post my project. I can create another too, but it might be little useless. If u don't know about it please tell me how to contatct an admin. This could be a major bug in the platform.
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    Well, and what i'm suposed to do with that nametag? Tell it him privately?
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    Please bring up BukkitDev account issues with Curse support.

    On that note, Curse is aware of this error with password requests.
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    I've sent a ticket there and there's no response. I see that you, TnT, are an Administrator. Could you manually reset my password?
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    When bukkitDev was released, this is what it said
    If i'm not mistaken, TnT Doesnt have control over that since BukkitDev accounts are based off of Curse not Bukkit
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    Thanks, i've solvedmy problem by creating an account on curse and using it on bukkitdev!
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