Cant log on Craftbukkit server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sansai86, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, i and everybody others got a problem with logging on my server lately i tryed to get notch's standart server .jar and i didnt have any problems logging on that.

    i got Craftbukkit #87

    and i get this error
    anything ive done wrong? i do know Craftbukkit and Bukkit is not done yet, but ive been on the server in earlier builds with no problem.
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    I have Bukkit build 87, and the only issues I see are getting authenticated against the Minecraft servers.
  3. seems to be a build problem, i went back to Craftbukkit #81 and was able to log on again fast with no problems

    Edit: in #82 it begins to have issues taking long time to join and its luck if you can log on or not.
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    Possibly, haven't tested older builds again. I have been able to connect, and have had people able to connect to my server running build 87 though.
  5. Strange, what what Operating System do your Server use?
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    Ubuntu 10.10 x64. Sun Java x64 (latest as of today). CraftBukkit build 87.
  7. Could it be because i use Win Xp 32bit? (i had in mind getting Vista Ultimate 64bit later) ,my java is fully updated as well.
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    I am unsure of which build I am using as the dedicated server I rent just has "Install Latest Bukkit Build" as the option. I did that about 30 minutes ago, so whatever build its at now is the one I have.

    After installing and restarting the server, I started up MC only to have it update as well.

    I now cannot log into my server.


    I can't wait for all of this to be over and done with and we can go back to the days when we had hmod builds ready to go within hours and/or days of a new release. C'mon Bukkit Team, make it happen.
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    Keep in mind that may be due to's instability. It keeps going in and out when I try to access it myself. >_>
  10. Edit: err never mind, seems to be like that for every versions...

    try this version, worked for me:
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    Change online-mode to false.
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