Problem/Bug "Cant Keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AKmidgettaco47, Jul 27, 2015.

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    "Cant Keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" :mad::mad:

    This is a HUGE problem for me on my server. No matter what I try to do, this keeps happening. I am not mad because it spams my console, I could care less, and I know how to fix that. I need help because of what this does to the server. Every time this shows up, the server starts to fall behind, and to catch up it decides to skip a LOT of ticks. my server skips from 50 - 400 ticks about EVERY 5 SECONDS! I believe 10 ticks is 1 second! I Really need help on how to solve this. Ask or recommend EVERYTHING that may help but just know this:

    1. It is not just bukkit, the same happens on Vanilla minecraft servers on EVERY version.
    2. It is not a plugin, as I do not have many and I already tried removing them all.
    3. I try to make my server out of redstone and command blocks, it is all vanilla minigames that I have created myself, that is why I do not have many plugins.
    4. I have added up to 10 gigabytes to my server, nothing has helped
    5. No matter where I am, the server lags, as long as there is redstone, simply pushing a button skips around 200 ticks and everything operates slowly, entities move glitchy, players teleport around and redstone does not function properly.
    6. I believe there is a corrupt chunk, whenever I (or any player) enter this chunk, The server skips around 400 - 1000 ticks per second and the whole server crashes after about 1 - 2 minutes. And i can not find out how to fix the chunk. Up to 5 commands blocks about 10,000 blocks away from this chunk extremely lag the server.

    I really need help fixing this. Either the chunk is ruining the whole server, or there is too much redstone in one particular area holding back the server, but no matter how far away i am from the redstone, i am still affected. If anyone can please explain how to fix this, that would REALLY help! thanks :p (sorry if it was too long) [cake]

    P.S If you think you could be a huge help, but do not understand, I am willing to let you on the server to look around at the corrupt chunk / bugs

    P.P.S I dont want to ruin this map, I spent a long time on it. . . :rolleyes:
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    Hey, i have had a problem beofore that sounds the same as yours, if you send me the map folder i will be able to fix it..
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    Since you're saying you think you have a broken chunk, throw your world into McEdit and try removing (or regenerating, whatever) the chunk. I'll probably even find it for you. Do make backups!
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    I saw this thing on MCEdit to scan and repair chunks, i did it but it didnt work ;(
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    Disable the messages in the bukkit.yml file and then hey won't pop up. Warn on overload: false.
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    What George said would work but it wont "fix" your problem..
    Honestly if you send me the world i can fix it for you.
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    I already said, the message isnt the problem, its the fact that it lags the server and skips ticks. Even though the message shows up, in game still lags
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    Typically bad programming practises can result in this type of behavior.
    To say "I dont use plugins, Im using redstone command blocks only to do all the complex things" is also inviting you to have to stand back and 'debug' your ..programming.
    Your systems might be doing things very inefficiently, or bouncing someone back and forth a thousand times trying to resolve what action to really take, etc.
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    Just switch over to spigot, as they focus in performance. That is what I did, and most, if not all plugins will continue to work because spigot extends the bukkit api. (Keep in mind my pc was a gaming computer from '08 and has a bad cpu, and I have 1gb allocated for my server, and can handle up to 40 players without issues on Spigot) Tps stays steady at 20 (as it should) and I am able to do much more without lag.
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    Though it is true that Spigot is more efficient, they have also had more bugs & security issues. More efficient or less bugs, your choice ;)
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