Solved Can't join server with external ip /after port forwarding/

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Kriss72, Mar 12, 2015.

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    I'm trying to host mc server(craftbukkit-1.8.3) on my local machine, Windows 7,
    I have port forwarded my router port 25565 UDP and TCP,
    Checked it with,
    Enabled ICMP internet access on router,
    People can ping my extern IP so can I,
    I can join the server with my local Ip,
    but the problem is that I/other people cannot see/connect to
    my server with my external Ip.

    Have tried:
    1) Configuring computers firewalls inbound/outbound rules.
    2)Disabling window firewall.
    3)Leaving server.proferties ip field empty or making it my local ip (192.16...)
    4)Making my ip static (Do not solve problem, +I can't join my router's settings after setting it, but net works tho)
    5)Before all above(^) I have bought physical external Ip from my ISP.(It was virtual before, still dynamic, but that should not be the problem..)

    I'm new to this forum, so I just hope this is the right section.
    I know the problem is a bit more general than craftbukkit-1.8.3 but I would appreciate some
    guidance of those more knowledgeable than I am.
    Just to know how to troubleshoot would be nice, because I have been trying my best for past weeks.

    I'm adding some screens.

    PS. And sorry for the grammar.
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

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    Solved - Problem was not on the server side. Close it.
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

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