Cant find Bukkit Server

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Sprinter101, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Im making a plugin but when i finish him it says: Cant find (import org.bukkit.Server;)

    what i do ?

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    Sprinter101 Please make sure that your Bukkit.jar is in your build path. In Eclipse, you can do that with the following steps:
    1. Right click your project name in the Package Explorer (That thing on the left where you choose the classes to edit)
    2. In the menu, click the entry "Properties" at the bottom.
    3. Click on "Java Build Path"
    4. Check if it contains something like "Bukkit.jar", "craftbukkitXXX.jar" or other things that sound like Bukkit. If it doesn't contain the Bukkit file, click "Add external jars", select the folder where your server is and select the .jar file (usually its name is something like "craftbukkit.jar").
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