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    Hey all iv'e just made an mc server with sg and I am going to have ranks and stuffs. I having problem with buycraft, how can I make an commnd that for an example gives you a Wooden sword when the match start. And when the match ends it will disapear.
    And I want a command that when you are going to join a arena and there are 4 slots left only donators can join. One last thing is that I want a map that only donators can play.

    plzz answer quickly.
    thanks :)
  2. Davve98h For the wooden sword to come and go would have to be a function in the plugin. For the reserved slots would also be a plugin function aswell with permissions. Also is SG survivalgames?
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    Okey, but when you have set it up with plugins and all that can you use it for buycraft then, I am really noob at plugins and such. But maybe you can help me. :) thanks for quick answer. And if you dont feeling to guide me, plzz write it so I don't waiting.

    Ya sg is survivalgames :D

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