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  1. Hi people.Today I want someone or a link if this is true What is the Plugin thats like this:


    1st line: Buy Or sell
    2nd line: Ammount
    3rd Line:How much if you buy
    4th Line: Item
    And if you buy you 'Right Click'

    This is the sell one for the sell its Left Click:

    1st Line: Buy Or sell
    2nd Line: How much to sell
    3rd line: How much money you will get for selling.
    4th Line: Item

    Thats all. If you know the plugin name please message me on the comments. Or if you dont know Please make a plugin. I have seen this plugin before on certain servers. But i cant find it. 1 of the owners sead its essentials but witch essentials in witch ZIP? Please tell me or make it.
    Right Click for the [Buy] sign
    Left Click for the [Sell] Sign
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    Please use the format.

    Format Guide

    And only bump/ask for updates/"Please reply" every 12 hours.
  3. Look this is how i want the plugin. Im not gonna follow a guide even if i want to. I just want a single plugin like this!! Ok!?!?
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Go to google. Type "Bettershop Bukkit Plugin". Click. Download. Stop huffing paint.
    Also, http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/plugin-requests-and-what-a-good-idea-actually-is.84860/

    (Hint, hint: Acting like we owe you a plugin and not following the rules, won't help you get one made)
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    TnT Retired Staff

    ChestShop does this, you know, the most popular shop plugin on dev.bukkit.org.

    Use this: http://plugins.bukkit.org/curseforge

    Start searching on your own. You clearly didn't do a single search for plugins, as what you're asking for would have came up with the most simplest of searching.

    Locked. Also locked your dupe. You spent all this time writing out two requests, but didn't spend any time searching.
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