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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by leo849s, May 18, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun (close i guess?)
    Suggested Name: Burn players/mobs

    What i want: Possibility to burn players/mobs when looking at them, If burn time is not chosen, there will be a default time in the config file.
    Ideas for commands: /Burnmp [time]

    Ideas for permissions:
    burnmp.mobs.default (default time which should be 5 sec unless changed in config)
    burnmp.players.default (same as above)
    burnmp.time.bypass (allows choosing how long the players/mobs will be set on fire, staff/admin recommended access).
    Ideally it's for factions where i want my donators to set animals on fire, I added players because i know it'd be useful.
    It lets you to choose, for example: If you think players shouldn't have burn players because it's too op and you want to allow them to set on fire mobs only, it works.
    Also essentials does not have a permission which allows a playing choosing time/using default (you just gain the whole /burn command access)

    Cant set endermen on fire.
    Date i want it ready: couple of days, less than a week but not too much in hurry to get it
    Tell me if i need to add anything else.
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    Rascal Two

    I'll make this. I'll have a basic version done in about six hours.
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    Yay awesome :D
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    I'll do it faster!;)
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    It's rude if you make a plugin for somebody that somebody has already said they would make.
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    Rascal Two

    All Finished :)
    Here it is. The link should work forever (First time making a plugin for a random person)

    Basicly a player has to have either 'burningeyes.BurnMobs' or 'burningeyes.BurnPlayers' permission for them to be able to burn anything.

    With just those two they can do /burningeyes, or /burneye, or /be, to burn whatever Mob/Player is infront of the player.

    They can only burn mobs listed under 'BurnableMobs' in the config file.

    You could give a player the 'burningeyes.BurnAllMobs' permission to let them burn any mob they want.

    Any player with the 'burningeyes.CustomTime' permission can do /be [Seconds] - without the brackets of course - to burn whatever they're looking at for the amount of seconds inputted.

    I added a cooldown to prevent spamming of it, which is set under 'BurnCooldown' in the config, and bypassable by anybody with the 'burningeyes.BypassCooldown' permission.

    I also threw in a BurningWand, which is simply a shiney stick[stick] that does the exact thing as the command - if the player has permission of course - so a player without permission can't use it. Anybody with the 'burningeyes.SpawnWand' permission can spawn it via /be wand

    That's about it! :D Feel free to contact me if anything goes wrong (Hopefully not;)) or for anything else.
    Here's the details below (Same information is in the comments of the config.yml)

    • /burningeyes
    • /burneye
    • /be - Burn Player/Mob player is looking at for DefaultBurnTime seconds.
    • /be [Seconds] - Burn Player/Mob player is looking at for the given amount of seconds.
    • /be wand - Summon the BurningWand, which burns whatever Mob/Player you're facing when right clicking with it.
    • /be help - Display the Help message.
    • /be contact - Display developer contact information, for error reporting & such.

    • burningeyes.BurnMobs - Allow Player To Burn Mobs In The BurnableMobs List.
    • burningeyes.BurnPlayers - Allow Player To Burn Players.
    • burningeyes.CustomTime - Allow Player To Burn Player/Mob For Any Amount Of Time.
    • burningeyes.BurnAllMobs - Allow Player To Burn Any Mob.
    • burningeyes.SpawnWand - Allow Player To Spawn The BurningWand.
    • burningeyes.BypassCooldown - Allows Player To Bypass The BurnCooldown.

    • DefaultBurnTime - Seconds Mob/Player will be burned when the /be command is used without [Seconds] and when the BurningWand is right clicked.
    • BurnCooldown - Cooldown between /be, /be [Seconds], and BurningWand burns.
    • BurnableMobs - List of all mobs burnable.
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    Thanks so much :)
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    Rascal Two

    You're welcome, don't forget to mark the thread filled :)
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    Thats so cool you used eggs ;)
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    Rascal Two

    They're actually snowballs :), I tried to make them as invisible as possible, but I didn't wanna get into Packets & such. I could've used actual eggs though, but I choose the irony of setting a mob on fire with snow :D instead of a boring egg.
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    haha yea nice :D
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    Detected a bug, i can set my faction members on fire with it.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Factions support wasn't initially requested though.
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    Rascal Two

    @leo849s I'll try to add faction support by tomorrow or the next day.
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    haha yea i know, i didnt mean to say bug i meant to say to add factions support

    cool, thanks!

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