Bunch of plugins not working and other problems

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ironliondoor, May 25, 2012.

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    So after months of hearing my friends whine, telling me to start up the server again, I finally did. I updated everything I needed and started up the server but it seems like 70% of my plugins did not work at all. Some of them are WorldEdit, RemoveExplosions, HandyTorch, Multiverse (doesn't seem to be working properly, and a few others. I can't do a single command for WorldEdit or for RemoveExplosions.

    There was another problem where if I shot an arrow, this would happen in Terminal, (I use a Macintosh) :
    Stepping on pressure plates connected to lots of redstone dust and such also disconnects me, but nothing shows up for that on Terminal. My friends didn't seem to have this problem though.

    I've spent months on this server, I don't want it to die out just like that, nothing seems to work how I want it to. If anyone knows what's the problem here, could you tell me how I could fix it? I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

    I just spawned a bunch of mobs, and disconnected, same thing with the arrows and the pressure plates.

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    WorldEdit, Multiverse etc - they all work fine with the current RB of craftbukkit. Doesn't matter if you run that on a Mac or whatnot.

    Are you sure you updated it all? Also, delete all plugins first, then get one after the other back. A lot of stuff can have changed after months, new config options etc, it's often a good a idea to start with fresh default configs etc for each plugin.
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    From the looks of those errors, you've got a corrupted world.
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    I'll try that.
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