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Discussion in 'Resources' started by drtshock, Apr 6, 2013.

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    A group of friends and I have noticed the lack of good video plugin tutorials so we decided to fix that. We are going to be making a long series of tutorials that range from how to set up a work space to anything else within the Bukkit API (not going to touch NMS or OBC). We made our first video tonight and will be making more in the coming days and weeks.

    Why do this?
    We are going to be showing people how to properly code plugins. Meaning we are going to demonstrate naming conventions and proper and up to date use of the API.

    But there are tons of other video tutorials!
    Yes but we have not seen any that demonstrate proper, up to date use of the API. Also, reviewing files on bukkitdev has shown me that there is a need for a decent plugin tutorial that doesn't teach all the wrong things :)

    Want to help?
    If you are awesome and want to help then feel free to post here or join our irc channel #bukktuts on esper.

    People currently helping


    Join us in irc http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=bukktuts&prompt=1

    This is not endorsed by bukkit or its staff in any way.

    First on setting up workspace (open)

    First plugin! (open)

    Learning commands (open)

    Introduction to Vault (open)

    Plugin configuration (open)
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    My name is evilmidget38, and I approve this message.
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    If you need more help, I want to help.
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    Join us on IRC!
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    New video uploaded in the OP. Shows how to create your first plugin.

    We are going for shorter videos so you can quickly look something up if you want without watching a 20 minute video :p

    Feedback is appreciated :)
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    Fantastic, Even I understood that. Very comprehensive and easy to understand. Good work!
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    Good to hear :) That's what we're going for
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    I'd love to help, but I can't record myself talk (parents). I can help out with a website if needed, though.

    Edit: I can also do audio editing, if need be.
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    tyzoid join irc. We write up all the code and have everyone look over it before we make the videos. We also didn't do any editing for the first 2 so I'm sure it couldn't hurt ;)
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    Tyzoid: Make an intro, then I can do the video editing
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    drtshock This will be awesome having a set of actually up to date tutorials! I'd love to help, I'll join the IRC. Lemme know what I can help with :)
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    SE Plugins right now we're just writing the code for more tutorials then we're going to record more of them in the coming days :)

    We're also going to touch on some more advanced topics that the people that actually browse this forum hopefully could use.
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    I love this idea! I mostly try to stay away from video tutorials as they don't actually thoroughly explain concepts, but I'm sure that you all, as Bukkit staff, will take on the initiative of informing viewers with what they need to know! :)
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    We try to explain things well in the videos. We're doing shorter ones that try to explain points clearly so it's easier to find what you need without searching through a 30 minute video.

    We also provide the heavily commented source for each video so people can look at that as well :)
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    drtshock Just watched your first two videos. Fantastic explanations! Probably the first plugin tutorials I've seen that don't just tell you what to type. :)
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    drtshock I fully support this! I have been learning programming for the past 4 months, now that I understand loops, some polymorphism practices and OO techniques. This could not come at a more perfect time, as I was really, really, wanting to learn from up to date api updates. I don't want to waste my time and frustrate myself on videos from over a year or more ago that might not have working syntax now.

    So once again, I am very very appreciative of your and your friends efforts. I take OO and syntax structure seriously as I would assume all who eventually want to move into the computer science career field.

    Thank you!

    Would it help if I donated to this project?


    First video, Liked and Subscribed. Can't wait for the real fun to start :D
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    Donations aren't really necessary. We're all doing this for fun and because we want to see more people learning things properly. I am hosting a site we are working on with a machine that I already own so there really isn't any cost. We've had a few people volunteer already for graphics and quite a few join irc wanting to help with the tutorials.

    We appreciate the support and your enthusiasm :)
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    This is really, really nice, well done :)
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    I've watched both video's. They are great! I plan on copying the source and uploading it to bukketdev right now! (jk)

    However, I am actually making this post for a legit reason.

    Constructive Criticism:

    When you are refering to specific bit's of code with your mouse, please highlight it. In video #2 you say things like "this code here" then I assume you use the mouse to point to it. However I am unable to see/follow your mouse on the video. I am watching the video on 720p and in full screen.

    That is all! Awesome start, and thank you! You and Dwarfmaster32 (did i get that right) are cool dudes in my book :D
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    unenergizer lol that made me laugh so hard.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep that in mind in the coming videos.

    It's evilmidget38 so saying dwarfmaster, whether intentional or not, made me laugh so hard.

    And yeah we just hope no one uploads these ;)
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    Hahaha I watched the video then made a post. Then rewatched it and when u said his name, I burst out laughing. Then I was gonna come here and edit that out real quick, but it seems u already read it. haha

    evilmidget38 fyi i meant no disrespect, it was an honest mistake, and ty for ur contribution!
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    One topic that urgently needs to be properly addressed is how to efficiently and conventionally set up multiple-class plugins, and how to access methods from different classes. A lot of threads pop up about this, and I can't direct people to any good examples, as it's pretty hard to explain.
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    That topic will be addressed in one of our next tutorials
    I agree with you on the fact that we need to do it, and I even had a hard time with it in the beginning, so I'm thinking I might go over this at the same time as CommandExecutors.

    but then again, this tutorial series hopes you will have at least being learning java from another source, which should hopefully have people taught enough to know the basics of Object Orientated programming.

    I'll be putting some good links in the descriptions of some videos soon to other java tutorials.
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    devilquak Like gomeow said, we are definitely looking to address that soon.

    If you or anyone else has any more suggestions for topics to cover then let us know :)
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    I'm working on a custom intro for you guys. Be done in a few hours.
    EDIT: Done :) Didn't take as long as I thought :p

    Whatcha think? I think it's quite nice. Simple and looks great :)



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    Just wondering what the watermark is for? It confused me a little because I'm not sure how Lividius Gaming is related to the project. It is also absent from the zip file

    Many thanks for your entry. We'll be reviewing all of the intros we have received and we'd like to thank you for taking the time to help us out with the project.
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    Very nice! I just watched the first plugin tutorial, and I found out I didn't understand 'ignoreCancelled' :p. I thought it worked exactly the other way around. Like, it would ignore if the event had been cancelled, so it WOULD fire when it had been cancelled.
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    Serialization and deserialization, please. So many posts about those, and I'm interested in "best practices" for it.

    Also, consider doing a quick video demonstrating the Javadocs/Doxygen and how to use them.
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