Bukkit's Unofficial Mumble Server! [ONLINE]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xDeeKay, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I've heard in the past that people from Bukkit have made a Mumble server for Bukkit, but I haven't been able to find one that's still up and running.

    I get a free Mumble server with each server I purchase, and since I have 2 servers I have no need for 2 Mumble servers, so I'd like to donate an 88 slot Mumble server to our wonderful community as an unofficial Mumble server!


    Mumble IP:
    Mumble Port: 63032

    Don't have Mumble installed?
    Download Windows Mumble Client
    Download Mac OSX 64-bit Mumble Client
    Download Mac OSX 32-bit Mumble Client
    Download for Linux


    Please help spread this Mumble server to people!
    And I hope to speak to you all soon! =)
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    This. is. genius. THANK-YOU SO MUCH!
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    Tried this before. Failed.
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    I prefer TS3
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    I saw your old post before posting this, it's a shame it didn't work out.
    But that gave me the inspiration to provide this new Mumble server =)

    I'm curious, did you stop yours because of a lack of funds, or a lack or people?
    We need to spread this around so that doesn't happen again.
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    Lack of people. I run my own servers. It obviously wasn't worth hosting it when md5 just AFK'd in it alone all night :p The only way a mumble would be successful is if the bukkit team made an 'official' one.
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    To be honest I like both TS3 and Mumble =)
    It's kind of like PS3 and xBox360, they both pretty much do the same thing and both serve their purpose very well.

    But of course we can't please everyone, and my host only allows a free Mumble server.
    It's better than nothing, right? =p
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    Another one? I thought there was one already.

    I sat idle in it for days before I stopped joining.

    I disagree. People will join a mumble if they feel like joining a mumble. We neither have the time nor desire to moderate a voice chat system.
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    TnT Is there? I was under the impression there wasn't considering I couldn't find any working IP's.
    Either way, it's fine if people don't use it, it's free =p

    I usually sit in another Mumble server and occasionally check if people are in the Bukkit Mumble.
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    I'm sure there are plenty of people that have the resources to host a mumble server here, maybe there's a reason it's never really been done other than what Mikeambrose3 did. I mean, I could set up a large mumble server for bukkit / anyone if there was a need which I'm not sure if there is.
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    It's a tad.. empty at the moment. Is this usual?
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    Lolmewn are having a jolly old time in there.
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    Someone join? :3

    And I just popped in a few mins before you left :p
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    Like I said, it's just there if anyone wants it :D
    If I had to pay for it, that would be a different story.
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    If anyones on it, tag me in this post, I'll join :p
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    Cant connect now :(
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