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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by kryptx, Jan 11, 2012.

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    BukkitQuery is an open source (MS-PL) .NET application that runs on the desktop and saves information about all of the Minequery-enabled Bukkit servers you are interested in. When you run it, it will display those servers in a list and represent their current status in color and text. Clicking on a server will provide a few details, and a list of players currently on that server.

    Though it's not intended as an administrative tool, it could be useful for administrators if you run multiple servers and want to see at a glance what their status is. It also could be helpful for your users if they want to quickly decide which server to play on, without having to log into each one.

    It's a simple tool at the moment (I developed it primarily just to get my feet wet with WinForms) but if you guys find it useful, I could certainly add more features. Next to add would likely be a "ping" attribute and the ability to search all servers for a particular player name.

    Any and all feedback is welcome; suggestions, bug reports, sandwiches, etc.

    The tool itself requires a computer capable of running a .NET 4 WinForms app (though I've only tested it with Windows 7), and be able to connect to the servers you wish to query (duh).
    The servers must have the Minequery plugin installed.


    You can use the compiled .exe at this location:

    Or, feel free to check it out and compile it yourself.
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    Looks good, but it sucks you need MineQuery.
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    What's interesting to me is that the minecraft client actually retrieves all of the same information from bukkit (or Minecraft_Server) except the player list, and while a site like minestatus.net clearly benefits from having the player list available, it isn't an essential function of the site. So, what drove the creation of minequery in the first place?

    I will look at the possibility of adding servers without minequery, and just disabling the player list for those servers.
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    Nice one!
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    I like it, I thought it working with the query-port thing. Do you have one which it can do that? Though the servers I know, they don't use that, nor mine. You should put an icon on this :D
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