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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Da_PDOG, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Hello everyone. I have had bukkitgui for quite some time now, and it was amazing. However I wanted to update bukkitgui so i did and now i have this server, type. upload_2015-9-11_18-38-16.png it seems pretty cool. If only i could get it to work. lol. Anyways this is what i need your help in. Basicly, when i try to start the server, i see a error message saying upload_2015-9-11_18-38-45.png
    if you cant read that, it says "The server.jar file you entered is valid or corrupted Re-Download the file and try again."
    What do i do!? PLEASE HELP!!!
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    The Craftbukkit.jar file that you are using is not correct or it has been corrupted during the download, try downloading Craftbukkit.jar file again.
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    This helped alot. However, now i have a error message, saying
    what do i do now?
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    Java is usually determined by the file structure, in other words, the GUI searches for java.exe in common locations.
    Try selecting another java version, for example, you should use Java 7 or 8 (6 is outdated).

    If nothing helps, you can use the "custom java path" option, which will let you select a java.exe file.
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