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    Hey guys, ehm, first of all: I'm not good at programming so I have to ask you guys :) And I don't know a better place to post this as in this forum :D

    Soooooooo.... I'm a giant Doctor Who fan and that's why I want to install that TARDIS Plugin but the problem is... I'm playing on a 1.0.7 Voltz Server and we need Bukkit Forge so our other Plugins are able to work BUT: the Plugin is not compatible with BukkitForge and so I wanted to ask one of you guys, if you spend some of your precious time to make it compatible?
    The source code is freely available on GitHub under a GNU GPL 3 license, so that shouldn't be a big deal for you smart guys out there ;)

    Thanks for your attention :)
  2. This sounds like a plugin request.
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    Yeah, thats true ;) a little bit :)

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