BukkitDev Thoughts and Ideas[2nd Post FTW]

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by emericask8ur, Oct 11, 2011.

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    I was thinking of putting views on how many You get on your Server or Client Plugin/Mod Post, and make the BB code a bit better, Add Spoilers just like here and have the links easy to attach to words. Just some ideas and Thoughts, Share your ideas and thoughts!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Download counter, Page views etc.
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    Don Redhorse

    download counter is there.. not on the main page though.. you need to go files, click on the file and you get a download counter... wooping 179 in my case in 6 days... wow... just saw it.. would never thought that as I don't get any replies in the forums about my plugin..

    btw: there is also the option to edit the file to change the RB Version.. I was just hunting for that again, almost wanted to put up a thread in here :eek:

    back to the counters... you want all downloads, just the latest release on the front page perhaps in the facts section?
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    Nice 3000 in one week booya
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    • PM system needs to stop telling me I have 2 PM when I don`t have any Unread PM.
    • Attaching a thumbnail image to my Plugin should be better than just "Upload Image"
    • Upload image should allow me to choose if I want to use it as a thumbnail or not
    • Thumbnail shouldn't show in the top right corner of my plugin description.
    • When I delete an image previously uploaded as thumbnail, it should remove the thumbnail.
    • Setup Localization should offer more language than just English
      • It should also allow me to bind to a configuration file somehow. One of my plugin can contain one yml file per language that is simple and no nested elements.
    • When I am IN the section (Forum, Repository, Localization, etc.) It should allow me from there to change that section's settings.
    • How does one create a ticket? I only get access to search existing.
    • When editing Project Dependencies, it should allow me to either Type it or select another existing plugin.
    Edit1 :

    • Also, I was already finding the forum Average regarding the width for plugin description. On BukkitDev, it's smaller so people need to scroll more. Now I know it's possible to have multiple pages but most people will just want to see all the information they need on the first page. I personally prefer it that way and it's in best practices to keep scrolling to a minimum and to reduce the number of clicks to get the relevent information.
    Edit2 :

    • Since the comment list on Curse and the comment list on BukkitDev aren't synchronized, it's pointless in my opinion to have 2 comment list AND a forum on BukkitDev AND a ticket system. Too many places to look at for people submitting bugs and feature request.
    • The curse website has 1 main download link and it appears to always point to the latest uploaded file on BukkitDev. This is a major issue if the file I uploaded isn't the plugin itself but an actual alternative configuration file. I don't have to handle that. This makes me want even more to host the files myself.
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    • I uploaded a new Plugin to BukkitDev that requires iChat to work. I tried to put the dependency but since iChat isn't on BukkitDev and the author said many times that he won't put it there it makes the dependency system lacking. It should allow me to put a link. For now I placed it in the description.
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    The landing page needs to be touched up. For one, the Polls section looks like it lists polls from all of Curse's game sites; why not filter to only be relevant to Bukkit-related polls?

    I'd keep a link to the Bukkit Forums there, as well as links to the latest CraftBukkit.

    I'd add a "Hot Downloads" (plugins which have been downloaded the most in the past X hours?), "Popular Mods" (most downloaded overall), "Recently Updated" (obvious), and "Latest New Releases" (also self-explainitory). I'd use the title and the icon and make a nice grid, so even though it'd naturally be in order from 1-10, it doesn't really appear to be a contest to get to the top of the list, or appear to endorse anything as a #1 plugin (just a plugin on the "top" list).

    One of the shortcommings of Bukkit Dev is that it's difficult to get an overview of what is happening in the plugin world - sure you can see the most recently created/updated in the Server Mods list, but this isn't immediately obvious and feels almost like a secondary feature due to the link being a tab way up top. These features would allow for a kind of "state of the union" overview of the avalible plugins when you first visit BukkitDev, and I think that will go a long way towards allowing Bukkit Dev to serve its intended purpose, which is to showcase plugins.

    Also (this is probably already on your list) but allowing all the categories that where allowed in the old submission system would be a welcome addition as well. Just checked, and it seems this has been done already. Nice!

    Perhaps the page layout could do with a little uncluttering as well - having everything in the "beige bubble" makes things feel really...i dunno, unconnected. Needs a cleaner layout with subtle dividing lines, like the forums I guess. That one might just be personal preference.
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    Maybe add possibility to sort by most commented plugin in the last X hours.
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    Perhaps also by most Liked/Fav'd/Bookmarked/Subscribed/whatever

    Oh, and speaking of which, I'd love the ability to subscribe to plugins right from the dev.bukkit.org profile - looking it up on curse.com just to subscribe to it is a pain.

    Lastly, is anyone else having login issues? Once I log in, if my login times out I can't log in again unless I delete cookies? Perhaps it's an IE7 bug (I'm at work...)
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    I'm on IE8 and have been logged in BukkitDev for days.
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    It does tell me my browser is outdated when I go to the page; I don't run IE at home so it's not a big deal, but I didn't know if it was a more widespread IE problem or if it was just my setup here, so I thought I'd throw it out there.
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