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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by dadaemon, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. I'm just wondering. Is there a roadmap or a status indication on the plans for BukkitDev?

    There are many problems with BukkitDev that should be fixed or improved but I haven't seen any updates in the past few months. Is this because of Curse? Or just not enough time?

    I hope I won't step on any toes and this is absolutely not meant to be a flame but after missing a few messages (reply on poll, forum message etc.) I'm just getting more and more disappointed in BukkitDev.
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    bukkitdev is a complete waste. Why should we have to use a completly seperate site? Bukkit & Curse should just intergrate these forums to bukkitdev! The current system we have now is basic and easy to use / maintain. No need to upload tons of files! just update the current jar file on the dropbox folder lol.
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    There is nothing that you can see as of yet, whether there will be in the future or not is unsure. But we can assure you that every issue which is reported is taken into account and if it's fixable, we'll request the Curse guys fix it asap
  4. Thanks for the reply Archelaus . Is there a list of reported problems? Or should I create a new topic with features that are now broken or just aren't implemented?
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    We have a list going, if you want to list some features you'd like to see we'll note them down for you and as for bugs, we're always happy when people report them, gives Curse something to do :p
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