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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ToxicXGL, Jun 17, 2012.

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    hello i am having some troubles setting my server up. 1st thing is setting up my ip i am using the one that is listed on whatsmyip.org is that the one i should use? Also am having trouble making my ip static i have done the steps but my telus modem says otherwise. And lastly but not least other people cant conenct to my server i get many errors some times user not premium others connection refused
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    The address you got from whatsmyip.org is your public address that your Internet provider gives you. These can be dynamic or static. Most home packages come with dynamic addresses. You can not change that yourself. you will have to contact your internet provider and see if they offer static addreses. However if you only have a dynamic address you can get around this by using a service such as dyndns which will map a domain name to your public IP address and then update it each time it chagnes so that way the domain will always point to the latest address. It will require you to have a compatible router or else you will have to install a piece of software on the server. The other option is to just tell everyone the new IP address when it changes. I suggest you get the server working before you do any messing with this though.

    You will also have a private address which is used locally by devices in your network. This is all managed by your router. These addresses are normally something like 192.x.x.x. Now you can set if these addresses are static or dynamic. You just have to change the network settings on your computer. Change it from obtain IP automaticly to use the following IP. I am sure you know where this stuff is. If not a Google search should help you. You will also need to set the subnet mask. usually always and default gateway which is the address if you router.

    You will need to setup port forwarding on your router so that it will forward traffic that comes in on a specified port to a certain local IP address (the local address of your server.) You can get the local address of your server by opening cmd and typing ipconfig. Or if you have set it static like I said above then you should know it. You need to enter this address somewhere on your router under a port forwarding section and forward traffic on port 25565 to this 192.x.x.x address so that your router knows where to send the data coming in on this port. This is the most important step to get things working but if your IP addresses are not static then it will mess everything up when they change.

    Hope this helps you somewhat :)
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    Thanks for all the info im preaty sure i have the port forwarding and static ip down but when people try to connect to my server even me it says failed to connect user not premium. Bu when i put it in ofline mode im fine
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    Not bought the game, no support.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You'll want to tell your friends to buy the game. Nothing you can do about that error until they do so.
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    Go To Server.properties And In the Writing That Says online-Mode Do false
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