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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by NonameSL, Jul 1, 2014.

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    What is Bukkit Problem Solver? Bukkit Problem Solver (or BPS) is basically a flow chart, with solutions to all your coding problems, which tells you what you can do when you are having a problem:
    1. Tells you the solution to your problem
    2. Tells you, that you need to post a thread in the forums.

    BPS is open for suggestions, and for every way that is not completed, please private message me, and I will change it. With more and more help from you guys, the flow chart will be able to answer every problem!

    Link: https://www.lucidchart.com/documents/view/eaa8e8ba-05e9-4bd7-b810-58a07e7d8a57/0

    If you have any suggestions, corrections or comments please post them here!
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    NonameSL URL shorteners are not allowed.
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    How to solve (most) issues in general:
    If you are entirely sure you are following the wiki correctly, and using the methods as described in the javadocs, then you should post on the forums. People usually forget the last two resources, which are very valuable.

    Moreover, people forget that Bukkit is more advanced than Java, and isn't something you should do without learning Java properly before starting on Bukkit. Just watching a few tutorial videos without experimenting is hardly enough.
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    This is interesting and all, but as stated by fefe2008 URL shorteners are not allowed. Even though it's not directly stated in the ToS and Rules of Bukkit, it's a general rule that you're not allowed to use URL shorteners, monetized links or referral links.

    If you don't want a long link or you don't want a link at all, use the hyperlink tool in the provided editor.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    I've replaced the shortener
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    fefe2008 mbaxter Sorry, thanks.

    For all the other commenters, I have recently seen a lot of misplaced threads here and I believe that my flow chart can really fix that problem.
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    While I agree with you Aoh, I think the people here would be a lot more receptive to a simple, very visual flowchart that specifically addresses their problems, but then again I could be completely wrong. Let's give it a shot.
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    I think it's incredibly difficult to make a flowchart for "all your coding problems" (OP) .. maybe a flowchart for some problems would be nice, but all of them? Borderline impossible. I think the advice most developers have given in the past remains, to this day, very efficient and helpful (i.e suggestion to learn Java, use Bukkit docs, wiki, other forum threads, and even further if need be). All of that in the parentheses can be found via search engines, but that comment was more humorous than anything (while this post is actually my true feelings toward the matter).
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    Fair enough, but borderline 80 percent of the problems posted pn here are the exact same problems, and they never seem to get it unless someone tells them exactly how to solve it. Because, let's face it, no-one ever listens to the whole "learn java, learn bukkit, read the jdocs" schpell (although, I do very much agree with you that this is by and away the ideal solution).
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    The BPS is meant to solve most problems. When I said "all coding problems" what I meant was when the project will grow, and more people will suggest problems or problems & solutions and I would add them, almost every problem would be on the flowchart.
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    NonameSL I think making it more interactive (with buttons, etc) instead of just displaying an image (with links) would be better. Reason being with what you said:
    I can see the flow chart becoming too large and people would just be like TLDNR, making it useless.
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    This seems like more of a resource than a development question.
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    Indeed, but I thought that more people would see it here that already want to post unnecessary help threads.
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    People in general: watch videos, feels like they know Java and Bukkit, start on plugin, get all the generic errors they can get xD
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    fireblast709 xD that made me laugh because when I just started coding that was what I did, until I realised I can't code and started to learn codinng lol.
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