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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ElitePoW, Mar 22, 2013.

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    every time i start the .bat file, it comes up with the error no main manifest attribute, in bukkit-1.5.1.jar

    no idea how to fix this, never had this problem until 1.5 bukkit came out
  2. You should be using craftbukkit.jar, not bukkit.jar..?
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    i had the same probleme, so i decided to look at what i was using. turns out in my excitment about the new build i didnt realize that I had gotten the Bukkit API instead of what i needed :/
    In other words, they havent come out with the new craftbukkit (thats what u need for ur server) yet. :
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    yeah and when u download them they are called bukkit, not craftbukkit.
    still same problem with development build
  5. no problem please make this thread solved :D
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    it happens to me too and i tried craftbukkit but it still says that
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