Bukkit/Minecraft 1.3.1 Servers High Ping Bug

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by korbistein, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Since the Minecraft 1.3.1 Update, both servertypes (Bukkit (also with the recommended build) and Vanilla) have a really high ping like 600-1200ms...
    You can also feel the high ping ingame...
    With Minecraft 1.2.5 I always had a ping of like 60-1o0ms.
    You can reach the server under: mineguild.de (Yes we are an german server and are hosting in germany) Does someone else have similar problems?

    Thank you, for your help, korbistein
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    Yeah, major lag issues here too. 1.3.1 seems to be the laggiest multiplayer version of Minecraft.. ever. :(

    Disappointing too, because it was so long in development.
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    I'm getting huge lag as well. We never had any lag before 1.2.5, and now it's a common occurance. Is there any way to fix it?
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    When I ping your server on minecraft, I get 192ms.
    When I ping your server with command prompt (terminal --> mac) I get 48ms

    My own server I get 440ms on minecraft
    On terminal, I get 143ms

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    No way to fix but wait for a new build. I hear some people uninstalled all their plugins and STILL got lag.
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    im having this same issue with all my servers. im not sure whether theyre bukkit or not, but im getting around 5k - 6k ping for them in the server list. i click to join it, minecraft freezes for a few seconds, then it joins. no lag once im in the server though. :/
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    Same here, started with 0 plugins and had +11000ms ping, no idea what is causing this... Some servers don't have this at all oO
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    I believe it is caused by the "Searching for local games" function. Any servers that are NOT on port 25565 (default port) tend to have their usual 20-30ms ping. But, my own server which is on port 25565, has 2000+ ping (normal ping is 51ms). Even professional servers with insane bandwidth/DDoS protection (us1-public.minez.net) all have over 1200+ ping. It's ridiculous. It has nothing to do with the server. It is a client problem. Hence why its happening on BOTH vanilla and Bukkit.
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    As night suggested I changed my port from 25565 to 25560 and my ping went from 110ms to 51ms (in home server). Default port is a bad thing now apparently.
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    But it doesn´t really change the lag ingame, if you change the port to 25560 for example.
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    It's just a bug with 1.3 . Every server I find has this problem. My ping has doubled, and can be experienced in-game. I checked a Vanilla server, and it had the same, very high ping. I'm going to downgrade to 1.2.5, and see if it's a client side problem. I'll keep you updated.


    Minecraft 1.2.5:

    Minecraft 1,3,1:

    Conclusion: Client side problem.
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    OMG every time I go on a server it takes like 2 fricking minutes to load!! is there any way that I can fix that?
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    I confirm it's a known bug. Not fixed for 1.3.2 We're still waiting for a fix to this issue.
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    Yesterday i was on my minecraft fine ping 32ms and stuff then today when i opened my minecraft 32000 ms NOT KIDDING
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