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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by rob4001, Jan 2, 2011.

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    yeh but its because its that fresh rewrite that has been seriously needed for quite a while now
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    Well this fresh rewrite will hopefully make it so we can have 200 people on a single server :p
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    I'm just glad this has come along now. I've just started learning plugin development for hMod but it was extensive and a big mess but now I can start on a level footing and be part of building a better server mod all in one. Cheers to the bukkit team!~
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    Indeed but its a shame that i will need to re-write all me plugins but i suppose its a good thing that it did not focus on hmod That much so all i would potentially need to do is just re-write the main plugin class oh fun :/
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    A tutorial would be nice, actually. Just to get started. Do we extend Plugin and PluginListener like before?
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    extend JavaPlugin and the specific listener (ie PlayerListener, EntityListener, ServerListener)

    at least thats what i have done
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    Thanks! That helps, now I can start porting my plugins
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    I'm sure a tutorial will be done soon.
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    who needs a tutrioal, the samplePlugin is more than a tutorial.

    Thanks for the Sample, unfortunately i have to wait till my needed Methods get implemented (hint=getRotation in class Location...) ^^
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    Javadocs show 404 error
  12. sorry ill change to working one
    --- merged: Jan 4, 2011 8:17 PM ---
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    Seems I will have to wait for more hooks to be put in before I port mine over.
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    Location has getRotation (rotX), it's just called getYaw now. rotY is now called getPitch();
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    whats with the Player, i want to give him some Items (Purchase) @hmod it works with player.giveitem(..).
    but i do not find any Method to use. Player/Entity/HumanEntity/LivingEntity nothing got a method to add Items...
    Could someone help ?
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    That's a good question. I know I've seen it somewhere... I can't find it in Server or World, either. BTW Item has been changed to ItemStack. That might help some.
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    thanks John, i already found out that item is now ItemStack but it did not helped :/
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    Hmmm, I'm seeing that Inventory doesn't have any set methods, either. Perhaps it's like the new Block, where the item you get from getItem is a reference to the actual Item the player has, and the way to do it is to get the player's inventory, use the getItem method to find an empty slot and then modify that to whatever item you want. Or maybe that's just not been implemented yet. Dunno.
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    Thanks John, so at this point, i will not be able to port my plugin complete to bukkit :(
    @Devs: please make a interface to giveItem like "player.giveItem(..)" etc.

    Looking forward to finish my port.
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    Where do we get bukkit now? I see Source but I dont know how to complile that for windows.
    The old sites down and the bukkit from a few weeks ago wont work with the new client.
    so .. as of now I have no Bukkit server :( makes me very sad.
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    Oh thank you SO much H0us3cat
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    when i go to jenkins it says i dont have "read permission" any ideas?
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