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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by mrgreaper, Jan 16, 2011.

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    with the demise of hmod we moved our server over to bukkit and although im still cursing the amount of work i have done in the last week to get us ready for public access going out the window, i am liking bukkit more and more
    details of ourserver:
    bukkit build 42 (i know its only needed for plugin creators but its nice to know the latest version is there should we get the urge to learn java)
    craftbukkit build 50
    warpgates plugin
    minecartmania plugin
    minecartmania autocart plugin
    myhome plugin
    general commands plugin (an essential, you guys may think about asking the creator if he would let you add the code to craftbukkit)

    The builds mentioned above are running with zero lag, the ones we had last night (forget the numbers but i think it was bukkit 18 and craftbukkit 22?) had a slight lag to them
    plugin creators are getting very good very fast
    plugin creators are starting to place the build numbers they made them for in description *very useful*
    plugin creators are very friendly and helpful *a good community is golden*
    forum software is very good.

    levers dont animate (asthetic only as they function)
    levers dont want to stick to a floor tile if theres a wall tile nearby (hit them or use them and they fly to a wall tile)
    lack of core commands (general plugin fixes that but it really should be built in as any server will want admin commands)
    Lack of permisions (groups.txt users,txt we miss you !!! coloured names we miss you! some plugins are providing individual permision files which is a good temporarily solution)
    Craftbook where oh where are you (nothing to do with the bukkit team but still something that causes our server some heart ache, none of our ics work at mo...i even had to smash a hole in my gate to get into my own castle lol)

    I know i have listed more negative then positive but the levers thing is really no that major just something that is astheticly displeasing lol, and the lack of craftbook ic`s can not be blamed on bukkit (or indeed on anyone) , all in all we are liking the build mentioned
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    You're using a development build of Bukkit, I'm not sure why you expected anything more.

    Nonetheless, the first 2 issues are a vanilla issue. The rest are being worked on.
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    didnt realise it was a vanila server issue i apologise.

    The feedback was ment to be more positive then negative.

    as i say though both myself, the main admin and most of our players are liking bukkit and the present pluggins

    sorry i posted this in the wrong section, i ment to post it in feedback..oops!
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    You did post it in feedback, I moved it as this is the correct forum for this thread.
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    ah ok... atleast i know im not going insane lol

    i have to ask otherwise it will bug me,and i hope you wont take offense, is feedback forum not for feedback?
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    It's for feedback about Bukkit.org and other resources, not the Bukkit mod. This is *clearly* explained when you go to create a thread.
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    ah ok, i just went to create thread to see the message i see where i went wrong, i assumed the warning was deter people from talking about bukkit on the feedback thread now i notice the bukkit.org bit it all makes sense (blond moment) sorry
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