Bukkit 1.8?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by IronGolem001, Sep 30, 2014.

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    Hello I would like to know when will Bukkit update to 1.8?
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    As of right now, never, due to a DMCA takedown. If that is resolved, probably a couple months.
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    You could try an alternative like Rainbow @ rbow.org

    There are others too but I can only speak to Rainbow working for 1.8 as you might expect.
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    IronGolem001 Every time somebody makes a thread like this without searching first, the release date gets pushed back a week. If everybody agrees to stop making these threads now we should have CraftBukkit 1.8 in about 10 years.
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    Really ............ -_-
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    IronGolem001 No. Everyone is just sick of these threads.
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    there is a 1.8 server software out right now called RAINBOW its is a 1.8 server with some plugins all ready available
    take a look
    guests are welcome to browse and download
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    Rainbow works.
    I would switch over to it now if the plugins I depend on would work with it.
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    Please. Stop. Posting. Threads. Like. These.

    It is super annoying. Just wait for them to announce it.
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    jeffro1001 I heard something about a Bukkit bridge with Rainbow, Sponge, Glowstone, the popular Bukkit alternatives. This Bukkit bridge is supposed to allow Bukkit plugins to work with these other mods, but I have no idea if it works--I was never able to put any alternatives to the test because I shut down my server shortly after the DMCA was issued (but not because of it).
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    Alternatively, wait for Trident if you want performance similar to Spigot, and not a potato like most of the other alternatives mentioned here.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Wow, the trash talk is real with this one!
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    Haha, maybe a bit. Although, Glowstone does look quite promising, although I don't quite agree with the use of Bukkit's API and the Minecraft server source, it is a well done project. I find the difference between Glowstone and Trident one more of perspective, and not of actual quality.
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    There are a lot of outdated things in it, and poorly named methods, but that's just how I feel. Also, the events system is relatively annoying at times.
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    mythbusterma I personally don't mind the event systems--I've actually never seen anything except for like one Sponge example. Mind showing an example of Trident event code?
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    Handles it similarly, except without the silly handler lists.
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    Here we go again... Wait for this wait for that. If the alternatives are out now why would we have to wait?? Hell if i have to wait, I'll wait for Sponge. Is Trident released or even available?I know the other alternative are out and working.
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