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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by GroundSnake4E, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Please help you guys! I do not get this at all. So I get that there is a new minecraft out called 1.7.2, and that contains new biomes... I would like to get that new stuff, but how? I hear about bukkit 1.7.2 coming out. Is bukkit 1.7.2 the same as minecraft 1.7.2, and they are just remaking the same thing, but just as bukkit? I do not get how to update my server so it is 1.7.2 minecraft with bukkit. Please explain PLEASE! :(
  2. Bukkit is a Minecraft server modification. Running a Bukkit server is like running a Vanilla Minecraft server but it brings more to the game, such as server mods(i.e. mcMMO, Essentials, etc) and allowing you to code with the BukkitAPI.

    Bukkit for 1.7.2 will come out when it is ready.
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    Thank you thegarfish I know about what everything bukkit does, and I get that fully. I just do not get how to get the base of minecraft with the new updates for 1.7.2. I just want the biomes. I also want it so when people get on to the server list our thing says 1.7.2, and not 1.6.4. How do I do that??? Thank You
  4. GroundSnake4E You could run a vanilla server, although this means no plugins would work.

    If you are awaiting plugin use you must wait for the 1.7.2 Bukkit build to become available.
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    Iroh Retired Staff

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    so thegarfish if bukkit basically remaking what minecraft just did? Just they are making it so it works with plugins? If so will it be exactly the same?
  7. GroundSnake4E Bukkit is essentially remaking the server handling. Therefore it will work with plugins, and also provide a few base commands if you don't have any plugins.

    Yes, it is almost exactly the same.
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    Oh!! :) So really they are just doing the work all over again so it is compatible with the plugins. Thank You thegarfish . So basically they will make the new biomes..? Also will it say minecraft 1.7.2?
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    YA you got it it is a Minecraft client allows plugins and a bukkit environment.

    Well it depends bukkit forge and craftbukkit

    When will that be its been forever.
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    Iroh Retired Staff

    The Bukkit team is working on it but have no ETA. Locked to prevent trolling and harassment.
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