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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BungeeTheCookie, Oct 25, 2013.

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    As you all know, Minecraft 1.7.2 was just released today. Approxamitely how long should it take for CraftBukkit to update to 1.7.2?

    Thank you!
    Also, sorry if this is counted as spam, I don't really know if it is. Thank you. :D
  2. It'll be available shortly after Jenkins compiles it from the repository.

    Edit: This is apparently causing confusion. As ever, there are no ETAs. The code isn't "waiting to be compiled" or accessible.
  3. Oh ffffffff... not another update.. Sorry, updates just haven't been good since the last 1.7.

    Anyway, don't tag a bunch of staff, they'll especially not appreciate it for the poor question. There's not really an answer(if you're talking about an RB), but a dev should come in the next day or so.
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    Levi Kornelsen

    Oh, just found this after asking a question about "how long in general terms" elsewhere. Derp.

    So: A day or a couple for a dev build. Good to know!

    This version should work backwards in most cases (won't break most plugins generally), yes? No?
  6. Levi Kornelsen
    I don't believe so, it does break structures if you haven't loaded them before 1.6.4(which has nothing to do with plugins).
  7. Probably not...maybe those with packets, but probably not....
  8. mattrick16
    Ah well, NMS code breaks with every update, I believe.
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    Levi Kornelsen

    My server runs a hand-painted map, so I'm kind of shrugging on the structures. If I need to whip up a new one, well, so be it.

    So long as SK's stuff and Recipe Manager keep running, everything else can be gone without as long as needs be.

    EDIT: And if they break, well, server can have a bit of a silly stretch with whatever 1.7 whips up for us as a novelty map.

    (Also, still kind of impressed: A day or so, really? Fast Bukkit team is very fast.)
  10. Not EVERY update if you want to be literal..... :)
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    Well, I heard the server networking code has been completely rewritten, will that cause any potential problems for server owners or developers?
  12. Maybe developers, but not owners.....
  13. Levi Kornelsen
    Well if it does become a problem, load all the chunks with those structures in 1.6.4 so it can do the conversion.

    Mojang gives the Bukkit team a head start now that they're together.

    Yeah, I know, but for the most part.. Dat obfuscated code. :p

    Shouldn't be any issues with owners, and Bukkit developers also shouldn't unless they're dealing with NMS junk.
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  14. Lol.....normal people just won't understand jokes like that :D
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    Ok thanks! Also, I didn't know Bukkit and Mojang started working together. When was this?
  16. BungeeTheCookie
    Could be wrong, but I thought it was around last year when Minecon was going on.
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    Ok, thanks!
    I can't wait til Bukkit 1.7.2 comes out! All of those new trees and flowers...
  18. Plus Dinnerbone is on the Minecraft team now....
  19. Do not not not not not not not not not NOT tag staff members randomly, much less admins ever, unless it is incredibly important, and even such, it should be addressed in IRC or PMs.

    It'll be done when it's done. Locked.
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