BukGet 2.0 Plugin (Need Dev to update existing code)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by SteveMcGrath, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Afternoon everyone,

    First let me explain what BukGet is:
    BukGet is a plugin management tool designed to allow you to update your plugins from within the bukkit console. Once you have completed the updates, simply restart for the updated plugins to take effect. The idea behind how this works is fundamentally different than CBUTD as BukGet will not automatically update anything. it is designed to give you the information you need to update your plugins at your own discretion and allow you to pick and choose if need be.

    And now why I'm writing here:
    I just finished coding the new bukget repository format and would need someone to either update the existing bukget code or to rewrite it to support the new repository format. @Nijikokun was gracious enough to write the first version of the plugin however doesn't have the time to update the code himself. As I am a python developer and not a java dev, I thought I would take it to the forums to ask if someone would like to pick up the task and run with it.

    New Repository Format: http://bukget.org
    Existing BukGet Plugin Code: https://github.com/Nijikokun/Bukget-Plugin
    BukGet/Baskit IRC Channel: #bukget on Espernet
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    I will SO implement this to SpaceBukkit :D
    Is it parsing bukkitdev fully automatized?
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    Yes it is, however the current location is only temporary.
  4. Would you be okay if a plugin I'm making uses this?
  5. Hey, everyone ... I've written a new BukGet plugin, using the BukGet API.
    You can find my plugin @dev.bukkit.org -> http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukget/

    I will add more features in next days =)
    MC.Net 8)
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  7. @SteveMcGrath
    My GUI has also bukget from now :)
    going to release another pre-release within a few hours, which will include the new plugin manager ^^
    works like a charm!
    Just 1 question: I can't find examples of the search function. Do I just have to post something like this:
    Urlencode("name like value")? I suppose not?
    And is it stable enough to implement already?

    you implemented it in spacebukkit. Do you use the search function?
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