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  1. Because there always needs to be one, right? Right? Guys?

    Well, I'll just start with what I have seen so far, feel free to add to it (I'll update this list then).

    Reported Bugs:
    Fixed Bugs (updated whenever a mod/admin confirms it as fixed):
    • None :(

    Otherwise, great job!
  2. DevBukkit doesn't detect my login when I'm in the main page, if I get to server mods, client mods, or any other page, it sees me as logged in.
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    It keeps telling me I have 2 unread messages when it's not the case. Or I have 2 messages I can't see...

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    It's been 2 months, and there are no downloads for LC.
    Well one got approved...
    Go on hit download!
    Oh wait it's the Farming level...
    I'll just download the 1.8 core.
    Oh no that got declined, with all of the levels.

    The mods don't seem to talk to each other. Multiple mods have asked me why the files were declined, to all i gave different reasons (jokes). But i could have. >:]

    I thus have given up uploading to BukkitDev.
    Good old forums for me! :D

    This is bug reports.... ermmmm
    I'll be going now.
    That will teach me to have 2 tabs open... :p
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    I think actually since its multiple jar, you'd have to make multiple mod submission and make them have a requirement of levelcraft. You can set that in this system. They were probably declined because the mod which approved them only approved the last file, thinking it was the latest version or thinking you were spamming.
  6. Your plugin is of a unique breed, the fact that it's a ton of very small plugins. For Multiverse, we have just created a project for each download. We will have to work on a better system that allows a Multi-Download (ie you can upload X files that are all part of a release). Your plugin(s) is not really the norm. The biggest problem with it (not your fault at all) is that if users click the Download button (in the upper right) they are served the latest release grade file. This would mean that whatever file you have uploaded last would always become the download.

    I think for the current time the best solution would be to do inline linking to off-site hosting for individual files, and upload total releases (Ie a ZIP of all the jars in the package).

    This is the bug reports forum, and I do believe not being able to host multiple files that comprise a package of plugins constitutes a bug (Honestly, if it was an option, we'd do it with Multiverse :D)

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    Try opening your inbox, messages etc. just click around PM system. That solved unread PM problem for me.
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    Oh trust me I did click everywhere, it was more of a cache problem I think. The number is 0 today.
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    I had unread messages and the PM was showing 0
    ... why!
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    Where can i get a Sig Banner like you have there?
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    Yeah seems to be when they convert BBCode to WikiCreole that breaks it. Maybe try to do your page in WikiCreole?
    Or just don't start a new line with "="
    Edit: Even in wikicreole you can't put = at beginning of a line. Bug there...
  12. Well, until they fix it, I'll use HTML.
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