Bug: PMs Still Show as Unread After You Read Them.

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Jacek, Jan 19, 2012.

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    This has almost certainly been reported before, but it has been a problem since BukkitDev was introduced so someone needs to get onto it.

    If you get a PM the little green icon will remain in the unread state even after you read it.
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    Jacek is right. This has happened to me as well. Quite often, really.
  3. It's a known bug. But I think development on BukkitDev has been halted. I've asked for a road map or something similar for BukkitDev. But no admin has responded to my topic.
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    They need to start development again.
  5. Well... They responded to my topic :)
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    I can say that BukkitDev is still being developed upon.
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    the bukkitDev PM system is SOOOOO messed up! somtimes it will say i have no new messages when i have some and somtimes it will just make up a random number :( do the bukkit dudes have any say in bukkiDev or is it all curse?
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    So, what have taken so long to fix this bug ?
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    All Curse does is develop BukkitDev for us, it frees up time for our staff to focus on other stuff. We have a high level of control over it.
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    Fix this bug then ;)
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    Reread the post, I said Curse develops it for us. They're working on bugs and doing well, be patient, there are more pressing issues they need to deal with.
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    It helps me to feel less forever alone when I get that second of excitement from seeing 1 unread PM, whether it's real or not :')

    I vote to not fix this!
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    lol i surpose theres some truth to this :D
  14. I also get it the other way around, having 0 PM's when I really have 1. I can confirm this is still happening as I had a PM from 24 hours ago that I didn't read that didn't show up
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    Like what? Since BukkitDev was released I have seen very little changes to it. There's bugs in the issue tracker dating back to December related to BukkitDev that still haven't been fixed. Somehow I highly doubt your statement.
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