Bug in EbeanServer.save(Collection)?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by axefan, May 17, 2011.

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    I've been using the EbeanServer object to persist several different types of objects succesfully, but when I try to save a large list of objects (>10,000 objects) using EbeanServer.save(Collection), the results are inconsistent.

    Here's a typical line of code used for saving a list of objects:
    int result = this.getDatabase().save(entries);
    When this fails, no exception is raised and the result variable indicates that all objects were written. But when querying the database, not all objects are present.

    I've created a plugin to demonstrate the issue:


    So, is this a known problem with the EbeanServer object or am I missing something?

    Update: This problem is not isolated to the EbeanServer.save(Collection) method.

    I've update the demo plugin so that there are 2 separate test cases: one that uses transactions and not Lists and another that does not use transactions but saves a List. Both methods start failing at around 10000 objects.

    Is anyone else seeing the same results?

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    More Info: This happens for both the MySQL and SqLite drivers! I've also tested this on two different machines (both win7).
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    Try and see how the BigBrother plugin developers do it, I think they need to save large amount of data too.
    Sorry I never had this problem
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    BigBrother doesn't use Ebeans.

    I haven't had a chance to test this yet, I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I said that because it saves large amount of data too, maybe he could find a better way, Ebeans has some annoying limitations
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    You're missing the point of this thread.
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    And you are taking the day to bother me !
    The point is that Ebeans has some bugs since forever, if this is one of them the best solution is just not using bukkit's persistence!
    EDIT: so you don't think Im just being a smart ass ;)
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    Actually. I'm comming to the same conclusion. Dang! That would have been a nice solution if it worked. I guess I'll have to roll my own DB connections and hope that the plugin users know how to setup MySQL properly.

    I'll take a look at big brother, but I really need a database, so managing my own MySQL connection is probably the only way to go.
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    Well that maybe THE solution sadly, but try making a jdbc sqlite connection first, its easier for the users.
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    Thanks for the posts. I've never used Ebeans much, so I wasn't aware of the problems. The SQLite JDBC connection is working fine for me. In my tests, I am able to save 1M records in a single transaction with no loss.
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    In attempt to raise the awareness a little, I reimplemented the Ebean Persistance Layer which fixes a lot of these issues, including the SQLite Add Constraint limitation, have a look. Link is in my signature :)
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    Good to hear. I'll run some tests when I have time, but honestly, I've aleardy implemented my own solution, so I'll probably be using that going forward.
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    If you are going for MySQL databases, I recommend @alta189 's library. It's great =D
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    I'm sure it's great, but setting up the connections explicitly is not that hard and by creating my own interface I can optimize the code for my specific use cases, plus now there's no worry about dependencies becoming out of date.
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