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    Category : Fun, Miscellanous and Role-Playing

    Suggested Name : BrewingCraft

    What the plugin does :
    It adds new brewing recipes, for new potion effects that are only used by other items like RottenFlesh, or GoldenApples. There are plenty potions that can be created with NBTEdit, but that you can't brew, and it could be great for PvP, Role-Playing, and Fun !
    Here's a potion effects list :

    Of course, you can also add a Secondary Ingredient, such as Gunpowder, Redstone or Glowstone

    Exemples of new Recipes :
    Once you've made Awkward Potions, you can add an Ingredient to get the New Potions :
    - Potion of Haste (effect n°3) : Gold Nugget
    - Potion of Mining Fatigue (effect n°4) : Potion of Haste + Fermented Spider Eye
    - Potion of Jump Boost (effect n°8) : Blaze Rod
    - Potion of Nausea (effect n°9) : Poisonous Potato
    - Potion of Resistance (effect n°11) : Iron Ingot
    - Potion of Water Breathing (effect n°13) : Raw Fish
    - Potion of Blindness (effect n°15) : Potion of Night Vision + Poisonous Potato
    - Potion of Hunger (effect n°17) : RottenFlesh
    - Potion of Wither (effect n°20) : Charcoal
    - Potion of Health Boost (effect n°21) : Golden Apple (not the one with the Golden Blocks)
    - Potion of Absorbtion (effect n°22) : Potion of Regeneration + Glistering Melon
    - Potion of Saturation (effect n°23) : Cocoa

    Exemple of Recipes based on enchantements :
    - Potion of Feather Falling : Feather
    - Potion of Thorns : Cactus
    - Potion of Aqua Affinity : Potion of Haste + Ink Sack

    Commands :
    - /bc reload : basically reloads the plugin

    Permissions :
    - bc.potion.POTION_NAME : Allows the player or not to to brew the targeted potion
    - bc.reload : Allows player or not to use /bc reload

    Finally, why creating this plugin ?
    I spent a lot of time on Google to look for a plug-in that would allow me creating new potion recipes, and I didn't find anything. Then, I think this plugin can be used by PvP and RPG servers, because it allows players to have special abilities that are not available on Vanilla MineCraft.
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    NervaL928 adding new items can't be done with bukkit, but making new recipes is extremely easy that you could code it yourself with no experience using ShapelessRecipe
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    You could try using essentials as a base or something to start from as if you type /potion effect:<effect> power:<power> duration:<duration> then you can apply effects to potions having ones that stack and nomrally can't be on potions
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    I'm not telling about adding new items, cuz they already exist : those potions are available but not able to brew, and I wanted to add the recipes. So I think that the potions with the armor effects won't be able to get ;)
    On top, we can make custom potions with NBTEdit, wich allows mutiple effects per potion, so I think it would be possible with a plugin :D

    I basically know how to create those potions with NBTEdit, that I've already made for my adventure map.
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    You should try looking at Craftbook but specifically at Custom Crafting because even though it won't use a brewing stand, you can spawn in any existing item, give it a custom name and lore and then make it be required in the recipe or be the result. You never know, it could just take one suggestion to the developer that they try to make custom brewing stand recipes because they've already achieved custom furnace recipes. Just a thought.

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