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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RealDope, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I've seen this problem before, with no definitive solution besides "make it an infinity bow and give the player one arrow".

    I don't want the bow to be enchanted, and I don't want to have to give the player an arrow.

    I also don't want to just project an arrow when the player right clicks with a bow, I want the entire drawback animation, as well as different powers depending on drawback quantity.

    There must be a way to do this..

    ALSO: This happens in creative mode. If you have a bow in creative you don't need infinity or an arrow to shoot.
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    Use a ProjectileLaunchEvent, check for whatever and then cancel it. Launch a projectile.
    Pseudo code:
    public void onArrowShoot(ProjectileLaunchEvent event){
    if event shooter is an instance of Player && shot projectile is an arrow:
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    Uhm.. How does this help me at all?
  4. hey maybe try onrightclick with bow set their gm to creative then back to survival?
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    RealDope It checks to see if the player shot an arrow, and then cancels that. It then shoots the arrow with code, giving the impression that "no arrows were used"..?
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    Oh sorrry, maybe my description wasn't clear. I want a player to be able to shoot the bow without having any arrows in their inventory. If you aren't carrying an arrow, you cant't even start the drawback animation, I want to change that.
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    RealDope yep I didn't understand, sorry! :p
    Maybe something with packets?
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    Yeah maybe, but what but I feel like the best I could do with packets is force the client to display the drawback animation, and it seems like it would be very difficult to link drawback amount with force applied to the arrow.
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    Why not just spawn an arrow every time while listening to PlayerInteractEvent, and create a scheduler to iterate through the player's inventory and check to see if the spawned ItemStack is still there?
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  10. kuuichi what if their inven is full :( I've tried without success to do this :( maybe try nms code?
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    Actually I think I'll work with Kuuichi idea and fix XxShadow_NinjaxxX problem by saving the itemstack that the arrow replaces and putting it back after the player shoots.

    Other ideas to actually effectively do this without an arrow at all would still be very much appreciated.
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    You can do this by sending a packet to set a fake arrow in the inventory, I have done this in my plugin ElementalArrows.
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    Thanks a ton! That's exactly what I wanted.

    To clarify, you are referring to this:
    2. Packet103SetSlot packet = new Packet103SetSlot(0, 9, new ItemStack(Item.ARROW));

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    Yes ;)
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    (Sorry for necroposting)

    Cybermaxke How exactly do i send this packet to the player ?
    1. packet.handle(new Connection());

    1. new Connection(packet.a());
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    Woah, weird. I was browsing threads helping people, clicked this one and saw I was OP :eek:
    2. ((CraftPlayer) p).getHandle().playerConnection.sendPacket(new Packet103SetSlot(0, 9, new ItemStack(Item.ARROW));
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