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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jonspeeth, Apr 2, 2021.

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    Create fake players in tab with prefixes. adding the players would add to the server player count even with bungeecord. You would be able to /pm the players even though you wouldn't get a response, and the players would be like real people except no NPCs or speaking in chat. The purpose of this is just to always have players shown online, players don't stay on servers that are empty, so it wouldn't be for making fake players to fake server count, it would be so that players don't leave because the server doesn't have people online. The player would have the same skin as the player username you add, if the name is invalid it would just do a steve skin.

    /fakeplayer add <playername> would add a fake player with the skin of their username
    /fakeplayer remove <playername> would remove the already made fake player
    /fakeplayer off would remove visibility of all fake players in tab, and remove them from playercount
    /fakeplayer on would add the players you have made back into the tablist, and add them to the playercount

    None are really necessary, as the only people able to use the command should be opped, but
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