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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Y1ght, Nov 21, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: BossbarWeatherRP

    What I want: I'd like; simply put, a "Bossbar Weather" system. I just want a config file where you can configure it to whatever season you want but the real plugin comes in to play here; I want there to be temperatures! I want a placeholder for it so I can fully configure it; make the placeholder whatever you want, make sure to tell me what you make it though; or put it in the configuration at the top in a comment.

    Make sure that you can put colors for the formatting.

    Configure file example;
    Bossbar-Layout: 'Winter | 17 C | 62 F'
    Bossbar-Enabled: 'true/false'
    Bossbar-Tickrate: '40' ? auto-set it to every 60 seconds that it updates;

    Can you make it where during time-time it can range from 0-10;etc?
    if so; do it for in game time ticks? If so, make it configurable and explain how to configure that correctly; an example would be:
    '1200-3200: 50-74'
    '3300-4500: -23-12'

    If you can do this, thank you.

    Ideas for commands: /temperature %number% (make it auto-Fahrenheit) | /temperature reload

    Ideas for permissions: temperature.set | temperature.reload

    When I'd like it by: Within a month, please!
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    Does this have actual use in something else or is it just a number?

    I only ask because if it has use, the person making the plugin will need to make an API of some kind.
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    The use will be for display use only, so maybe, yes?
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    Working on something, it's a little different to what you asked for as a) I made it simpler and b) there seemed to be a few inconsistencies in your request (e.g. having automatic times for temps, yet also a manual command).

    My system basically asks you for a min and max temperature, and what time of the day is hottest, then just smoothly transitions between the two over the ingame day as if it were day and night temperatures.

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    Hi, this seems like a better idea, I didn't know how to exactly express how I wanted this!


    If you could make a config to format it, that'd be cool! (idk yet lol)
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    I'm just trying to iron out some final bugs but it seems to be working fine otherwise.

    Yes, it will have a config, the following is the default:
    # Layout of bossbar messsage (colour codes are enabled)
    # %celsius% and %fahrenheit% are replaced with calculated values
    layout: "&bWinter | %celsius% | %fahrenheit%"enabled: true
    # Ticks to update temperature (default 5s)
    # This can only be changed while the server is offline
    tickrate: 100
    # Min and max temperatures in celsius
    min-temperature: 0
    max-temperature: 30
    # Hottest time of ingame day (in ticks, 0-24,000)
    peak-time: 6000
    # Name of world to activate temperatures on
    world-name: "world"
    It also has a few commands to adjust some of the settings ingame:
    - /temp reload
    - /temp set max <celsius>
    - /temp set min <celsius>
    - /temp peaktime <tick>

    Hopefully it won't take me too long to fix and you can check it out :)
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    This seems great, thank you!
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    Hello, I have a question, would having the following turn off effect this?;
    /gamerule doDaylightCycle false ?
    I use a plugin that makes the time more 'realistic' and it slows it down and such.

    It does effect it? I think, if I use the command to change the time with the plugin, it changes the temp but that might be because the time goes really slow. I use a thing called "OpenRP" if you care to take a look.


    It works, every like 20 minutes it updates it! This works fine, thank you.
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    Yes, the temperature is calculated by feeding the ingame time into a function, so as you’ve seen any changes to the speed of the day will be reciprocated by the speed of temperature change. Glad it’s working well! If you have a minute please consider giving the plugin a rating over at
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    @Y1ght I found a bug with the enabled setting (it didn't do anything), you can grab the fixed version here. I'd suggest following that page for future updates. I may add some more features in the future, like the ability to list and transition through seasons, or have different conditions for different worlds.
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    Forgot to press Post Reply, thanks for this update.
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