BorderLands With Laws (Protection the way it should be, Simple, Easy, AND USEFUL!)

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    @Sturmeh screw you for making a good plugin and not making it again!

    @Zenexer I think Essentials is pissing a opportunity here to provide the last most needed thing to its collection :)

    Now the biggest reason that BorderLands became EPIC better was LAWS!.

    It let me do rules for borders outwards from spawn and worked really well.. So not really like regions but more of a outwards spawn protection that could be tuned well for pvp servers.

    PVP Protected City/Spawn 50 blocks out. = No Build, No PVP, No Mob Spawns, No TNT, No Creeper Health Regen, No Damage and such....

    100 Blocks from there we can turn everything normal but no block damage, no tnt block damage and no creeper block damage.

    then 100+ we would create are max border that you can't go past at say 200 blocks and anything in this border could do anything really unless u added some flags to it.

    Here was some the info from the old LAWS system:

    Borders are now setup on the fly, in game by Admins using the /border (or /bl) command.
    If you are coming from PRIOR to v2.0, then your config will auto-magically be imported.
    If you are coming from v2.0 or v2.2, the config will be corrected to the latest.
    Just to be clear, the new config resides at, the other file WILL be deleted after import. ( But it will wait until the server is restarted before deleting it. )
    If you used the warps feature as well, you'll have to either import all your warps in game using /border import warpname distance/size or edit borders.txt.
    Borders can now be set per group by specifying a group name after the distance/size, like so:
    /border add adminzone 500 admins
    Simply use /border and you'll get some help.
    You no longer have to specify the PVP rule when designing your borders, as these are modified on-the-fly.
        EXPLODE - Allow creepers and TNT to detonate.
        BREAK - Allow block breakage. ( Destroy. )
        MOBSPAWN - Allow spawning of Mobs.
        DAMAGE - Allow the health system. ( Setting this to false will make players invincible. )
        MOVE - Allow movement.
        PVP - Allow PVP. ( Server setting must be set to true. )
        IGNITE - Allow use of lighter.
        BUILD - Allow placement of blocks.
        LITTER - Allow dropping of items.
        TELEPORT - Allow all forms of teleportation. ( Warp/Summon/QuickPort/ETC. )
        SCAVENGE - Allow picking up items from the floor.
    In order to set one of these laws. ( They all default to 'true'. )
    /border law NAME LAW true/false
    For example:
    /border law spawn litter false
    Will prevent all players in the spawn border from dropping items.
    You may notice that borders may very well overlap, and in overlapping regions there can be two sets of laws; so how do we handle this?
    1. If you are within multiple borders, and one is distinctly smaller, ( even by one block. ) then that border takes precedence when setting laws. ( As such a small border within a large one that a player does not belong to will deny them entrance. )
    2. If you DO NOT belong to a border, it will still take precedence if it is smaller and existance, and you will be DENIED all permissions. ( You will be blocked from all the above laws. )
    3. In the case of TWO equally sized borders, the last border that you BELONG to will take precedence. ( This allows you to setup multiple laws for different groups, however set these up starting with the lowest authority first. )
    Note that "spawn" is not a special keyword, you need to ACTUALLY be at the spawnpoint to recreate the spawn with a larger border otherwise your new "spawn" border will be based on where you're standing when you create it.
    Also when using /border edit, it will NOT reposition the border.
    ALWAYS ENSURE that the default group has AT LEAST one border.
    In SETTINGS: (now under
    enable-blexempt-permission - Set this to true to prevent players with /blexempt from being blocked. (false)
    use-radius-instead - Set this to true if you wish to use circle style borders. (false)
    border-hit-msg - Message to send to the client sometimes when they reach a borderline.
    teleport-blocked-msg - Message for when a player tries to teleport out of bounds.
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    Oh PLEASE yes!
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    This would be awesome to run on my private server for friends!
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    Oh yes, please. There is no going around it: Borderlands was the only plugin that ever did it right! Honestly, all other pseudo-replacements for Borderlands don't even come close and fall in the rubbish catagory.

    Please, bring Borderlands to Bukkit!
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    This sounds really interesting Kane! Please modders redo it!
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    I would appreciate so much if it was updated :D
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    Right on! A plugin like the original BorderLands mod would be GREAT. Please, make it happen!
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    This was one of the easiest protection plugins I've used and I would LOVE to have it back!
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    I'll give it a try.
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    good luck Kaz :)
    I would also like to have that plugin again
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    Aaron Warshaw

    Ever hear of WorldGuard? I am pretty sure this does 90% of what you want, man.
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    WorldGuard is different, as you have to specify the regions with WorldEdit. With BorderLands, you only have to give a radius and it protects from bedrock to the sky limit.

    I have ported most of the functionality over. Just need to finish up commands, saving configurations and support Permissions. I hope to have it done by Saturday.
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    You are my hero @Kaz ! :)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Imma go love this plugin when it comes out =D
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    Also the delays on the updates and such each time is days and days. The developer has taken to much under his belt to the point where 1.5 will be out before he finishes 1.4.
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    i want it. i have a friend that run a unofficial version of hmod just to use this. plz port to bukkit :)
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    amazed on the demand on such a wonderful plugin.
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    That's funny that someone is still running Hmod... Well, I guess it's possible since plugins like this one hasn't been ported over yet... :/
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    We need this plugin
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    Agree run 2 servers, on build and one pvp, i have graveyard plugin on the pvp and people allways destroys my yard and som citys got raped too. Have been looking for this sometime, but kane? im a big fan of godcraft, didint you have protected areas before? like one of the 500 builds?
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    Are you still working on it?
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    Hey, is there any progress on this, still working on it?
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    tha d0ctor

    nice, if this comes out i could replace like 2 plugins iwth this one
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    Sounds great I hope this comes out..

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