bookcase chest mod and paper I/O mod.

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    bookcase chest mod:
    allow opening bookcases as a chest.
    add a item whitelist config.(default, paper and maps and small items) only these items can be put in the "bookcase chest".

    paper I/O mod:
    put paper in hand and right click will read the paper. or use the command /read. (maybe also allow this with maps that would be cool for treasure maps :p)
    make a command /write [text] and this will write on paper/map, consume a feather and ink.

    please seperate plugins, not one plugin, keep it simple per plugin, with permissions support.
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    I'll try making the bookcase one, provided I can find out how to use the inventory events.

    How many slots should the bookcase have?

    I chose 18, as it seems it must be a multiple of 9 for it to display properly :/

    Release thread

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    bump... the old mod is not updated..

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