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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Jacek, Aug 24, 2011.

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    So I have an idea for a new plugin, basically it would be like the blood moon thing from Terraria.

    I think it would be fun to make, and would help in my survival world, because the game is a bit too easy really, and I want my survival world to actually be hard so people don't get too creative ;)

    For anyone that does not know the idea is to give each night the a small chance of being a lot harder to survive, I have a few ideas of how to do this so far but could do with a few suggestions ?

    So far I have
    • Increase the spawn rate
    • Make mobs spawn closer to the player
    • Allow mobs to break blocks
    • Make mobs harder to kill
    • Maybe random spawns if you kill a mob
    • Skeletons shoot fire arrows.
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    The issue there would be finding out when the time changes. You'd have to keep a repeating timer going, which could cause some memory issues.
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    I was planning on using the creature_spawn event.
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    Alright then. Then for a blood moon, I suggest adding a variable that defines whether or not a blood moon is there, and if it is, have a certain rate at which a second mob of the same type is spawned with the spawned monster and you can also move them closer to nearby players. You can use onEntityDamage to decrease the damage mobs take. Also, I think there's an event for arrows being fired, so if the entity firing the arrow is a Skeleton, you can simply use setFireTicks() to set it on fire. You can use onEntityDeath to check if it was a monster (use instanceof Monsters/Monster I believe) killed by a player to tell when to spawn a monster.

    Sorry for the wall of text, post back if you need anything specific.
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    I'm asking for ideas, not technical stuff.
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    If I'm not mistaken, spout just added the possibility to change the moon texture size, and cloud and sky color, may help add the effect that u want (I could be mistaken, so don't quote me on that)
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    Oh. >.< Sorry.

    • Wolves attack anyone that isn't their owner.
    • Monsters do increased damage.
    • When using a weapon, it has a small chance to receive massive damage.
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    It would be kinda ironic if players could be burned by the moon :p
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    • Lava buckets melt in your hand (spreading lava)
    • Monsters have increased health
    • Increased monster spawning
    • Monster specials are increased
      • Skeletons have better aim
      • Creepers blow up bigger holes
      • Spiders can climb on ceilings
      • Zombies break blocks
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  12. Hm.. this really is a serious case of thread necromancy. Let the dead rest!
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    We could make it worse by going off topic ? Oh wait, you did that already ;)
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